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Advancements in Cloud Technologies and DevOps have had a seismic impact on the software development industry. Software developed on the cloud provides a flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution, providing competitive solutions that render more traditional methods completely obsolete. Concurrently, Devops is experiencing a revolution, breaking down silos and enhancing the collaboration between departments, to comprehensively enhance software development as we know it. As the industry continues to surge forward, IT professionals who aren’t dedicated to continually building and updating these skill sets are destined to fall behind. Being a certified Cloud and DevOps expert is the key to your success.

In the age of Big Data, a security breach means dire circumstances for the company that experiences it. Keeping networks, systems, and applications secured is not just a “nice to have”, but an absolute necessity. As the landscape of Cyber Security expands to meet emerging technologies and new forms of Cyber Crime, professionals who understand how to navigate the technological and legal nature of this field will be in tremendous demand.

If software and app creation is a battle, the development team is the front line. As the need for more specialists in the ranks increases, having deep experience with unique knowledge sets is becoming increasingly valuable. Cognixia offers interactive courses that hone in on building talent in the most in-demand areas of development, helping you become a key player on your team.

There’s no question that the IoT wave is making a permanent, revolutionary mark on how we see technology, and what it’s capable of in the future. We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what it can do, how it integrates with computing, and what this means for the future of cyber security. Our courses keep you on top of this emerging field as it continues to take shape.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence, are deemed to benefit the entire humanity. There will be a time when everything that came before it would be primitive and obsolete. These technologies are transforming the world as we know it completely. Don’t be left behind in this new era of Industry 4.0, become a certified expert and stay relevant.

The demand for certified professionals who could manage projects and maintains stringent quality standards such as Six Sigma is increasing exponentially. Organizations are gradually realizing the competitive advantage gained by employing these professionals. Become a certified quality manager or PMP certified project manager and take your career to new heights.

Java can be found everywhere in the world, on all platforms and all devices. It is the most important tool that helps developers make their programs work everywhere. It is an amazing platform with endless scope of innovations. Become a certified Java/J2EE professional and transform yourself into a most sought after professional, whose demand would never diminish.

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Being one of the most recognized digital technology training companies in the industry, we’re proud to provide only the best in interactive, online technology courses and certifications to companies and individuals worldwide. With our in-house incubators on digital technologies like IoT, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, AI & Deep Learning, Blockchain, Cloud, DevOps, and other domains, Cognixia is your partner in transforming and improving your workforce.


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This next-generation technology is set to radically re-shape today’s mobile networks.

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Cognixia not just offers the best training solutions for everyone, it aims to partner with individuals and organizations, helping them move ahead in their digital transformation journeys.

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Our participants enjoy a direct mentorship with instructors that are veterans in their respective fields. All our trainers comes with extensive industry experience and subject-matter expertise.

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Be it a traditional classroom training, virtual instructor led training, self-paced or a hybrid training modalities; Cognixia is an ace at all of them.

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Our tailor-made courses for global enterprise customers are curated after intensive technical discussion and collaboration between our SME’s and the stakeholders at our customer’s end.

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Practice makes perfect, and it's rare to achieve it on the first shot. To ensure continuous support to our learners, each course we provide comes with lifetime access to our Learning Management System (LMS).

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Know more about the latest initiative- JUMP- a bridge between college education and professional requirements of the real world. JUMP is backed by three decades of experience and insights into the technology and staffing world. This is an opportunity for students to learn the latest technologies from the best trainer to boost their careers and for companies to be able to hire trained and certified workforce to move ahead in the market.