Business Continuity During
Social Distancing

Virtual training courses can keep remote workers active and engaged, while also keeping them safe from the comfort of their own homes.
When the outbreak subsides and business begins returning to normal, your teams will be ready to hit the ground running with the latest digital skills.
Teams working remotely can take courses together and remain socially active without having to step foot in the same room.
Cognixia has trained over 100,000 students in 45 countries virtually.
Our virtual training is interactive through Hand Raise, video Q&A and 24-hour support.
Sessions can be recorded to help improve retention of material learned.
Training is customizable to our customers’ needs.
Virtual learning is project based, featuring hands-on exercises, and effective assessments using Cognixia’s LMS.
While other areas of business may be impacted by the need to work remotely, learning can be done from the office or at home. Our virtual courses allow all employees to continue learning while out of the office.

Maintaining business continuity in adverse times

Limiting and containing the spread of COVID-19 for overall safety and well-being of the people.

Cognixia is committed to do everything possible to maintain the safety and well-being of all the our clients, partners, trainers, participants, employees and everyone around.

Here are a few steps we are taking to ensure business continuity is maintained and the impact of the pandemic is reduced to some text without compromising anybody’s health and safety:

  • Focus on delivering virtual online instructor-led trainings instead of physical classroom trainings so all participants and clients can train from home
  • Leverage the experience of virtually training over 100,000 students in 45+ countries
  • Emphasize on using ‘raise hand’, video Q&A sessions and offer 24×7 support to help learners have a fully immersive learning experience
  • Help organizations keep employees engaged with learning new skills
  • Enable social participation in learning without endangering any individual’s safety and health
  • Provide a recording of every virtual session for reference in the future to every participant
  • Incorporate virtual labs and exercises to make learning more hands-on despite the turbulent times around
  • Customize the training content to meet every organization’s goals and help them recover once the crisis subsides
  • Enable creation of proactive and engaged teams that are ready to deploy as soon as the organization is ready to go back to normalcy

Don’t let the COVID-19 stop you from shaping your future, your way. Go virtual, today!


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