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Spring Boot and Microservices Bootcamp

Today, the one of the biggest opportunities in the IT space lies in utilizing containers and serverless, where infrastructure is less of a barrier to entry. In the near future, where the service resides will no longer have an impact on the creation and delivery of the service. Spring Boot and Microservices are playing a critical role in defining the future of service delivery and business architecture.
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Cloud Development Professional Training

Cloud Development Professional is a 360° Training Program offered to professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and expertise in the field of AWS Cloud Computing. This program is updated regularly to comply with the latest industry standards, and is created and delivered by certified expert practitioners, with a passion for their craft.
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FULL Stack (MEAN) Developer Training

FULL Stack (MEAN) Developer Training is a 360° training program offered by Cognixia, comprehensive and designed to train participants in creating enterprise-style applications with server-side code using Node.js, Express framework, front-end coding using Angular.js, and databases with MongoDB.
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Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Six Sigma’s approach is disciplined and data-driven in nature. This helps in mitigating variation in any process – right from manufacturing to accounting and finance – and thus eliminates any defects which might exist otherwise.
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Tableau Training

Tableau is the most popular data visualization, reporting, and business intelligence tool in the world. It is the tool chosen by multiple enterprises when it comes to brilliant visualization capabilities.
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Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Six Sigma is the step-oriented process of involvement using statistical tools, which enable organizations to identify a non-performing business process, understand the basic causes of problems, analyze and improve upon contributing factors, and finally sustain steady gains in improvements.
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