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The Continual Service Improvement process is all about using methods of quality management to learn from past incidents and failures to constantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and operations. It covers aspects like service review, process evaluation, CSI initiatives and monitoring of the CSI initiatives.

ITIL Continual Service Improvement course will allow participants to learn the principles, concepts, processes, and best practices described in the ITIL continual service improvement core volume. Through a series of lectures and hands-on practical exercises participants will be prepared for both the adoption of service management best practices in the organization and for the certification exam that occurs at the end of the class. This course focuses on topics such as continual service improvement principles, the business value of continual service improvement, using the continual service improvement approach, and the Deming Cycle.

The ITIL Foundation certification is a pre-requisite to take the exam at the end of the class. Proof of certification must be provided in order to receive continual service improvement exam results.

Please note, this course and all of our accredited ITIL courses are only offered together with the respective exam.

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What you'll learn

  • Review of basic service management concepts
  • Purpose, objectives, scope and business value of continual service improvement
  • Continual service improvement interfaces throughout the service lifecycle
  • Principles of continual service improvement
  • Seven-step improvement process
  • The Deming cycle
  • Challenges, risks and critical success factors of continual service improvement


In order to pursue the ITIL – Continual Service Improvement examination, participants need to have an ITIL Foundation certification (v3 or newer). Ideally, two or more years of related work experience is recommended. It is also recommended that the participant read the ITIL Service Continual Service Improvement 2011 Edition for pursuing this course.


  • Course Introduction
  • History of ITIL
  • What is a service?
  • Utility, warranty and value
  • Assets, resources and capabilities
  • What is service management?
  • Stakeholders
  • Processes and function
  • Generic service management roles
  • The Service Lifecycle map
  • Purpose of continual service improvement
  • Objectives of continual service improvement
  • Scope of continual service improvement
  • Business value of continual service improvement
  • Inputs and outputs
  • Continual service improvement to service strategy
  • Continual service improvement to service design
  • Continual service improvement to service transition
  • Continual service improvement to service operation
  • Understanding organizational change
  • Clear ownership and accountability
  • The Continual Service Improvement register
  • Continual service improvement and service level management
  • Continual service improvement and knowledge management
  • Continual service improvement and the Deming cycle
  • Continual service improvement and service measurement
  • Continual service improvement and governance
  • Continual service improvement and complementary guidance
  • Purpose
  • Objectives
  • Scope
  • Business value
  • Policies, principles and basic concepts
  • Activities, methods and techniques
  • Roles of other processes in the seven-step improvement process
  • Critical success factors and key performance indicators
  • Challenges and risks
  • Assessments
  • Gap analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Service measurement frameworks
  • Metrics and measurements
  • Balanced scorecard
  • SWOT analysis
  • Return on Investment
  • Business case
  • Reporting policies and rules
  • Responsibilities, skills and competencies for roles supporting continual service improvement
  • CSI manager
  • Activities and skills required by the seven-step improvement process
  • Continual service improvement and RACI
  • IT service management suites
  • Other tools supporting continual service improvement
  • Critical implementation considerations
  • Three implementation approaches
  • Continual service improvement and governance
  • Continual service improvement and organizational change
  • Continual service improvement and communications strategy
Practice Exam
Each student receives a copy of the following Kindle books:
  • Continual Service Improvement: Practical Applications of Improvement concepts, processes and best practices
  • Core elements of Continual Service Improvement
  • Continual Service Improvement Practice Exam Questions – Set I
  • Continual Service Improvement Practice Exam Questions – Set II

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The ITIL – CSI course is highly recommended for current and aspiring:
  • IT professionals
  • Service desk professionals
  • Business professionals
  • Executive leadership
  • Service management professionals
  • Incident managers
  • Problem managers
  • IT governance professionals
  • Financial management professionals
  • Business relationship managers
  • Service level managers
  • Service transition professionals
  • Release and deployment management professionals
  • Knowledge management professionals
  • Service operation professionals
  • Change managers
  • Quality improvement professionals
A minimum internet speed of 2 MBPS is recommended.
All the sessions are recorded. So even if you miss a class, you can access a recorded video of the session in your LMS.
You will get lifetime access to LMS and all the learning material in it.