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This is an intensive course that provides training and experience through hands-on lab exposure, focusing on developing the participant’s skills in an environment that supports DevOps principles such as reduced time-to-market and continuous delivery. The course discusses how to install, configure, and manage OpenShift clusters and deploy sample applications to further understand how developers will use the platform. During the course, participants will learn how to install and configure an instance of OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat.

This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7.5 and Openshift Container Platform 3.9.

Course Overview

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What you'll learn

  • Install an OpenShift Container Platform cluster
  • Configure and manage masters and nodes
  • Secure OpenShift
  • Control access to resources on OpenShift
  • Monitor and collect metrics on OpenShift
  • Deploy applications on OpenShift Platform Container using Source-to-Image (S2I)
  • Manage storage on OpenShift


There are no mandatory prerequisites for this course, however, completing the Foundations of Agile course prior to taking up this course would be beneficial.


  • List the features and describe the architecture of the Openshift Container Platform
  • Install OpenShift and configure the cluster
  • Describe and explore OpenShift networking concepts
  • Execute commands using the command-line interface
  • Control access to OpenShift resources
  • Implement persistent storage
  • Manipulate resources to manage deployed applications
  • Install and configure the metrics-gathering system
  • Manage and monitor OpenShift resources and software

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