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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be roughly 1.3 million occupational openings for IT professionals by 2026. Compared to this, our universities produce way, way fewer graduates. Furthermore, technology today is moving at such a high pace that the academic world finds it extremely difficult to catch up. Even if curriculums were revised every year, the costs involved would be so high that it would be nearly impossible to produce graduates fit to take high level tech sector jobs.

Cognixia, world’s leading digital workforce solutions company, understands this limitation that becomes a challenge not just for the students, but also for organizations seeking skilled individuals. To overcome this challenge, Cognixia formulated the JUMP initiative.

As part of this initiative, our clients – potential employers share their personnel requirements with us – the educational background, particular skill specification, etc that they need the candidates to have. Then, Cognixia sources eligible and eager-to-learn fresh graduates from prestigious academic institutions across the country. These students got through our stringent vetting process and only the best of the crowd emerge successful. These vetting procedures can be customized based on client requirements, to filter out only the best fits. Once the candidates are vetted, they undergo the technology trainings required for the candidates to be able fulfill the client’s job requirements.

Once the candidates are trained and ready, they can be further vetted and then placed with the client.

In this way, students get an opportunity to learn the latest technologies from the best trainer which is a huge boost for their career, and at the same time, companies are able to get the trained workforce they need to move ahead in the market.

Why choose JUMP?

JUMP works towards bridging the skill gap that is widening in the market with the increasing difference between the supply and demand of professionals trained in the latest technologies.

JUMP, backed by 3 decades of experience and insights into the technology and staffing world, understands perfectly how a tech career goes way beyond writing code or running tests.

Expertise In Emerging Technologies
Expertise in emerging technologies

Expert industry veterans train students with focus on practical knowledge

Tailor-made Trainings
Tailor-made trainings

Trainings are unique and tailor-made to client requirements


Focus On Soft Skills
Focus on soft skills

Special sessions on the softer aspects of the job

Capstone Projects
Capstone Projects

Engage in path-breaking projects to usher in innovation

Practical Assessments
Practical assessments

High-intensity assessments based on real life scenarios

For Students
For Business

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