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Academic institutes constantly strive to impart the best possible education and deliver students who are fully equipped to lead a happy and successful life ahead. However, the pace at which technological innovations and disruptions happen in today’s times, it becomes a challenge for academic institutes to catch up. Experts say that even if the curriculums were to be updated every year, it would be impossible to deliver industry-ready students upon graduation. Moreover, the costs involved in such frequent and massive revisions would far exceed the benefits.

With over three decades of experience in the training and staffing industries, Cognixia understands this ‘gap’ best. Students often feel that they do not have the requisite practical knowledge and skills to be able to succeed at work, while organizations feel that students are rarely have the skills and competencies their businesses need. Jump , an initiative by Cognixia, aims to bridge this ‘mismatch’.

Jump partners with academic institutions and trains their students in the latest emerging technologies that are in extremely high demand across all industries. The training program involves exercises, use cases and projects from a practical stand point, focusing on real life scenarios, exactly how it happens in organizations. The students undergo vetting and assessments, and subsequently, get placed at top companies in the country.

Why partner with Jump?

Jump, stands for ‘Cognitive Igniting of young minds’. Establishing a corporate-institutional partnership holds the promise of resolving the widening skill gap we currently face, while also holding significant benefits for the institute.

Prestige of delivering industry-ready workforce upon graduation

Leveraging the Cognixia brand along with the institute’s brand

Bridges the disconnect between college and a successful career

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