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The widening skill gap is a reality that is becoming a ticking time bomb with each passing day. Organizations are in constant need of technically trained and skilled workforce. However, the students who graduate out of academic institutions are not always fully equipped for this. The curriculums of our educational institutions are still catching up with the fast-paced technological innovations, leading to graduates who are often quite clueless about the ongoing technological developments and innovations.

This is where JUMP steps in and bridges the gap for organizations to get industry-ready trained and vetted workforce, fully equipped for deployment. JUMP sources students from top academic institutes across the country, trains them in the latest technologies and prepares them for success in workforce. In the process, we also polish the soft skills and inculcate an entrepreneurial drive in the students which becomes a huge advantage in work life. The students undergo stringent vetting and assessments to ensure only the best of the best make the cut.

The trainings can be customized as per the organization’s requirements. The aim is to deliver industry-ready, fully trained and vetted workforce that would require little to no further training before they can start delivering results.

Why partner with JUMP?

  • With more than 20 years of industry experience, we understand what the IT market is looking for
  • More than 27 offices in the US and 37 additional across the globe
  • Trained over 1 million professionals across 250 courses
  • Placed over 130,000 professionals in industry leading companies
  • Engage students in specific projects during training that would help the organization build on it post-hiring
  • Soft-skills and individual behaviour given due importance in training process
  • 24*7 access to instructors

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