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  • Building Java EE / JEE Web Applications using Servlets/JSPs and Struts 2.0

    Building Java EE / JEE Web Applications using Servlets/JSPs and Struts 2.0 is a five-day-long practical course that will introduce Java developers to the basics of Java EE/JEE and equip…

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  • Cloud Computing Master Program

    This Masters in Cloud Computing course will immerse in you the latest trends and competencies required in the super-fast growing global cloud industry. Undoubtedly, Cloud computing is emerging as…

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  • Data Science with Python

    Python programming, in the recent years, has become one of the most preferred languages for the Data Science discipline. And when it comes to building Machine Learning systems, Python…

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  • Deep Learning Training

    Deep Learning dives deeper into Machine Learning and can be thought of as a subset of Machine Learning. Neural networks allow computers to mimic the human brain. Just like…

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  • Digi Leap

    Digi Leap – Take you career ahead with us is Cognixia’s exclusive Job portal for our certified professionals.

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  • Enterprise IoT

    With increasing connectivity across devices, Internet of Things has gained huge popularity around the globe today. Industries are spending massively on exploring avenues with IoT and coming up with…

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  • Enterprise Scala and Spark Training

    The Enterprise Scala in Spark course will introduce developers to enterprise-grade Spark programming, as they interact with significant components to design comprehensive data science solutions. A fast-paced course featuring an overview…

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  • Essentials of Apache Spark Primer

    The Apache Spark Primer course will introduce developers experienced in working with Scala, Python, or R, to the practices and concepts of Spark programming. The Spark overview section is aimed at…

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