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How Does CISSP Benefit Organizations?

Cyber Security and Networking

System security within the organizations has now become crucial regardless of the size of the business. With the rise in the number of cybercrimes, it is clear that no business is too small to be hacked. Whether it is your business’ finances or the clients’ valuable information, a data breach can have a devastatingly major impact on the business’ reputation and success. As cybercrimes are becoming greatly difficult to manage, organizations need to have better means to safeguard themselves against malicious cyber-attacks and combat hackers. This is where CISSP kicks in. Every business needs to consider the benefits of having a skilled team with CISSP certification. Businesses require trained staff with an up-to-date understanding of the latest cyber threats to the organization.

Types of Threats –

  • Social Engineering
  • Insider threats or employee errors
  • Advanced persistent threat (APT)

The skills gap within the organization can put a significant obstacle to the businesses’ security.

Here’s an example – studies show that phishing emails cause 91% of these cyberattacks. When an employee opens a phishing email, hackers can access their business network and the data stored within. This is a huge risk which most of us are aware of and yet most of the employees in any business fall prey to such scams. This shows how important it is for the employees, especially the tech team, to undergo CISSP training. Let us shed some light on the reasons how CISSP is beneficial for your business.


Benefits for the Organization

CISSP, i.e., Certified Information System Security Professional, is a certification presented by ISC (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium). It elevates professionals who acquire deep technical & managerial skills, with the experience and the authority of designing, engineering, implementing, managing the information security program, and protecting the organization from malware & other malicious attacks.

The regulatory compliance for businesses requires security policies and processes both in the private and public sectors. Thus, organizations have to mitigate risks by adopting security standards and frameworks for the long-term. There are unknown, unanticipated threats that companies are vulnerable to because they form the bridge between the internet and the intranet via mission-critical apps. This unavoidable situation can be addressed by CISSP.

Once the organization provides official CISSP training to its employees or hires a professional who possesses (ISC)2 CISSP Training & Certification, effective business solutions can be created. The on-the-ground implementation and the management of the implemented programs are emphasized to ensure the solutions are properly managed for the benefit of the business.

  • A company with CISSP trained employees can protect the data within the organization
  • It can ensure greater brand credibility
  • It fosters greater trust amongst clients
  • CISSP ensures safety, compliance, and protection to the organization
  • CISSP also involves the right safety practices that confirm that everything is in place and your team has secure access to the company-held data in a BYOD situation
  • The protected data with CISSP helps organizations gain a competitive edge as it helps the organization meet customer’s demands.

Eliminate the chances of system failures, reduce the chances of losing important data with official CISSP training.

Once you have a team of employees with the CISSP certification, they will demonstrate their skills to benefit your business with –

  • Full understanding of how to secure or protect confidential business data from hackers.
  • Skills to analyze risks and be aware of the common hacker strategies that can affect your business. They can determine the weaknesses in the organizations and work to improve those areas.
  • Aptitude in improving not only the customer but also employee privacy ensuring all the information stays within the business only.

Get (ISC)2 CISSP Training & Certification and increase your business visibility as well as credibility in the cybersecurity market. Cognixia is the world’s leading digital talent transformation company that offers a wide range of courses including CISSP training online with a comprehensive CISSP study guide.

As part of the official CISSP training, the course will cover –

  • Learn and apply the concepts of security & risk management
  • Gain an understanding of security engineering to protect information by exploring and examining security models and frameworks
  • Learn how to identify, categorize, & prioritize assets
  • Examination and security network architecture and its components
  • Learn how to identify & control access to protect assets
  • Designing and conducting security assessment strategies, logging, & monitoring activities
  • Developing a recovery strategy and maintaining operational resilience
  • Learn how to secure the software development cycle
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