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Manny’s Story: Collaborative Learning to Land your Dream Job

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When Manny graduated from Queen’s College in New York City, he was hoping that finding a job would be a simple process. Unfortunately, like so many recent STEM graduates, Manny realized that in most cases, technologies are evolving faster than universities can keep pace. The first few months were tough.

“One day, someone from Cognixia called me,” Manny said, talking about the day his career turned around. “I got to speak to the head of training, and talking to him I knew it immediately. This was serious.”

Manny joined JUMP by Cognixia with one goal in mind – advancing his skills so he wouldn’t fall behind the curve again. It didn’t take long for him to realize just how important it is to future-proof your career with digital development courses.

“The most valuable part of this program is working on the latest technologies that the big industries are actually using,” he said. “During my time in college I didn’t know a lot of these technologies even existed. I wouldn’t have known without the training from Cognixia.”

What really made it clear to Manny that JUMP was right for him was when he realized how much more collaborative the pre-placement training actually is.

“In college, we sit in lecture, we leave, we don’t say hi or bye to each other and we don’t come for multiple days,” Manny began. “But here at Cognixia, we get to know each other. We do things together. They take us out to events once every month to get to know each other so much more. That’s what I really enjoyed about Cognixia. I enjoyed coming here every day.”

When Manny finished his training, he knew he was ready to begin his placement, but he had some tough interviews first. So he made a bet with his peers from the JUMP program.

“I made a bet to jump in the pool with my work clothes on if I got the job,” Manny said through laughter.

“I went through two rounds of interview in Dallas, and the second round was really tough. I kept thinking I didn’t get the job. But then when I was in the airport my recruiter called me and told me I got it. I couldn’t believe it! I started screaming in the airport and everyone was looking at me like ‘what is he doing.’”

As for jumping in the pool? “I guess I’m going to have to follow through!”

Manny’s career is off to a great start now in Dallas and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his peers and instructors at JUMP. Find out more about JUMP and apply today.

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