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Training in Technologies That are Actually Needed

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When Olive started her training with Cognixia in February 2019, she wasn’t just beginning a new career. She was living in a new country for the first time. As if starting your first job post-degree isn’t stressful enough, she had also recently moved across the world from India for the opportunity.

“From the very beginning, I became comfortable with Cognixia,” Olive told me. “The very first project we did in training, we were put into groups. For my part of the story, I was the only girl student in the class and from different country, so I felt alone. But when we split into teams it helped me talk to peers and get to know everyone. The JUMP program made it easy to makes friends.”

Olive went to college in India where she studied computer science. She earned her bachelor’s degree equivalent in the United States, but that is where she ran into a problem. Everything that she had studied and learn was becoming outdated so quickly.

“I graduated with my bachelor’s degree and I wanted to start my career, but most of the job descriptions I found were looking for the most recent technologies that we didn’t get in college.”

It is a problem all too common with higher education and the speed at which technology evolves, and it is why JUMP by Cognixia exists. It’s not about learning what you’ve already learned in school – JUMP trains all students to develop in the latest technologies and future-proof their skill set.

“I think a reason a graduate would definitely like this program is because it enables them to learn new technologies and gain more practical experience, not just the theory. With the three months training, it felt almost like a full year of experience.

“I knew it would be a good start for me, and learning these technologies would help me get my foot into the door at these companies.”

Olive has now started her placement with one of the world’s largest financial institutions based out of Dallas, Texas. With her career under way, she reflected on JUMP and how it has helped her get to where she is.

“As technology is increasing and changing, I don’t believe as an individual we are able to get into every technology that is coming to market. In college we just go over a few technologies, but not everything. JUMP had us learn new technologies that are fresh on the market and It was really exciting.

“I would definitely tell a friend to join the JUMP program. You get more hands-on experience, you get to know how to work in an professional environment, and the training you gain in the three month program will be really helpful throughout your life.”

Find out more about how you can join JUMP and JUMP start your digital career on our website.




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