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What are the Top Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift for Developers?

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What are the Top Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift for Developers

Companies are evolving. They are transforming, competing towards becoming more agile with fresh and innovative approaches. This means the IT departments in enterprises are on a constant lookout for efficient solutions. They are leveraging tools to automate their processes, improve their infrastructure, release intelligent products. And it was noted that the preferred path of most of the companies’ cloud adoption journey has been hybrid cloud infrastructure i.e., OpenShift Red Hat, which gives a greater choice of components to the developers.

Reports by IDC say that OpenShift helps the organizations deliver robust applications with lesser time-to-market. As it supports major IT initiatives like containerization, cloud migration strategies, and other microservices, the technology is gaining major momentum. This high demand for the Red Hat OpenShift platform is yielding significant value for the Red Hat developers.

So, what’s in it for developers? Well, with Red Hat’s efficiency to improve the operational results – developers get to develop and deliver highly-functional, intuitive applications with compelling features in a reduced timeframe as compared to other platforms, i.e., with 66% faster development time.

Let’s discuss in detail the top benefits of Red Hat OpenShift for developers:

Innovation & Reduced Time-to-Market

OpenShift provides developers with a multi-dimensional platform and enables them to design & test applications in a more efficient way. They can easily speed-up their development process as they save time on managing and deploying the app’s containers. Container orchestration and container utilization via OpenShift provides developers with the benefit of better visualization. Developers have the access to an expanded set of tools which boosts their ability to come up with innovative applications, giving the product a competitive edge.


Efficient & Enhanced Development Cycle

Red Hat OpenShift helps turn the complicated processes around. Developers can efficiently orchestrate containers and provision scale, deploy, as well as manage containers at a much faster speed. The program’s ability to streamline and manage containers allows developers to enhance the DevOps process.

Further, OpenShift also lets developers deploy their apps on Kubernetes, without actually learning it, which saves more time. OpenShift provides developers with the freedom to develop on a Kubernetes platform, automate and run anywhere without the need for coding, according to developers’ previous or already existing infrastructure! The OpenShift platform interface does not change as it has a single app-centric user interface. This leads to faster code building, container deployment, service linking, and more.

Truly Automated Experience

Whether it’s the transitioning to OpenShift pipelines or integrating the tools and workflows that the developers already have or a mixture of both – OpenShift effortlessly automates the development cycle processes. It enables you to pull off your CI/CD objectives with ease, including the deployment of multiple infrastructures.

Environment Management & Peace of Mind

Red Hat OpenShift offers a managed environment where developers do not need to think or worry about environment issues. With the uptime service level of the platform being 99.9%, developers can prioritize their tasks and focus on innovation. While they work on the application, OpenShift handles the patches, updates, alongside process monitoring for you!

OpenShift 4.2 – Tools
  • Web Console (Developer Perspective) – Enhanced User Interface for faster development cycle processes – from building apps and deploying to visualizing them
  • Odo (command-line interface) – Helps create apps on Kubernetes via Git Push
  • Connector – Helps developers plug into existing pipelines and develop apps without having to leave the desired IDE
  • Deployment Extension (DevOps) – Extended toolkit for deploying apps to OpenShift, or another OpenShift cluster


Upgrade Your Skillset!

Learn all about Red Hat OpenShift Online and upgrade your skillset with the basic-to-advanced level Red Hat courses!

Enroll in the Red Hat OpenShift I: Containers & Kubernetes course for comprehensive Red Hat training from Cognixia – the world’s leading digital talent transformation company. We are an Official Redhat training partner for Red Hat and offer a complete portfolio of Red Hat training & certifications.
The Red Hat OpenShift Certification course will introduce you to – Docker, Kubernetes, and the Red Hat OpenShift Platform. It will help you gain a deeper understanding of the DevOps culture along with continuous integration (CI) & continuous deployment (CD). During this course, you will also develop core administration skills such as installation, configuration, and management of an OpenShift cluster, along with gathering a deeper knowledge of the tools used.

Here’s what you will cover under this course:

  • Containers & OpenShift architecture
  • Designs of containerized services
  • Producing custom container images
  • Managing containers & container images
  • Deployment of multi-container applications
  • Installing an OpenShift cluster
  • Making OpenShift secure
  • Managing storage on OpenShift
  • Configuring & managing masters and nodes
  • Controlling the access to resources on OpenShift
  • Monitoring & collecting metrics on OpenShift
  • Deploying apps on OpenShift using source-to-image (S2I)


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