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Will I Find Better Opportunities After Getting A Red Hat Linux Certification?

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IT systems and workloads are getting more complex. This requires reliable, scalable, and performance-driven architecture and operating system. Linux is a popular choice for all IT workloads and deployments–traditional and innovative. It is an open-source operating system by Red Hat. Red Hat curates, secures, and supports a Linux distribution called Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), used by organizations globally. RHEL supports and powers software and technologies for cloud, automation, containers, middleware, storage, application development, microservices, virtualization, management, and more.

Red Hat also offers certifications for Red Hat Enterprise Linux across different roles, such as the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), and Red Hat System Administration (RHSA). These certifications are in high demand and add immense value to the certificate holder’s resume. Of these, the RHCSA and RHCE are the most important and most valuable Red Hat Enterprise Linux certifications. RHCSA is a prerequisite for RHCE. This is not the end of the path, and you can take one more step up by getting the Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) certification.

If you search on the popular job portal and LinkedIn, it would return hundreds of open jobs that list the RHCSA as a requirement for the role. Individuals with Red Hat Linux certifications like RHCSA or RHCE commonly get used as systems administrators, network engineers, or shift managers/supervisors.

Here’s an analysis of average salaries for individuals in these roles:

Many organizations consider RHEL certifications mandatory for different roles. Having an RHCSA or RHCE in your repertoire makes you a more attractive prospect for hiring managers at some of the world’s best organizations. The certification validates your skills and knowledge regarding RHEL, which would help you be a top contributor to your organization. It brings more growth opportunities and better paychecks for you compared to your peers who aren’t certified.

A recent study by Red Hat and IDC revealed the business value held by Red Hat certifications. Consequently, RHEL certifications have become all the more valuable now.

Opportunities for Red Hat Certified Systems Administrators (RHCSA)

This certification validates an individual’s core system administration skills essential for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The certification holds you in good stead when applying for Linux System Administrator positions.

Job roles that require Red Hat Certified Systems Administrators include:

  • System Administrators
  • System Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • End-user Support Administrators
  • DevOps System Administrators
  • Linux Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Systems Network Administrators

From here, individuals can keep going up the ladder to Senior system administrators, team leads, and managers. As your career grows, you would not only acquire new skills and knowledge but also see your paycheck grow. You can step into diverse roles such as senior system engineers and information systems engineers.

Opportunities for Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE)

RHCE is one step above the RHCSA. To achieve the RHCE credentials, one needs to get their RHCSA credentials first, and then clear the certification exam for RHCE. The certificate validates the individual’s knowledge of the features and capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and how to manage different processes effectively. Job roles generally requiring Red Hat Certified Engineers include:

  • Senior Linux engineers
  • Senior Solutions Architects
  • Platform Implementation Engineers
  • Senior DevOps System Administrators
  • Team Lead Incident Responders
  • Senior Platform Engineers
  • Senior Systems Engineers
  • Senior Linux Service Engineers
  • Technical Lead Linux Servers

These certifications involve intensive performance testing as part of the certification exam. One needs to undergo thorough training and study to prepare for this exam. A Red Hat certification makes an individual becomes a highly valuable resource for their employers.

How popular is Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Red Hat Linux dominates supercomputing the world over. Whenever powerful computers are required, RHEL is what organizations use to support the system. RHEL is so popular that RHEL subscriptions are Red Hat’s leading source of income now! No other OS understands the power of open-source and community like RHEL. It is known to provide excellent support for users and can service customer needs better than any other general-purpose operating system. In an enterprise-IT environment, there is a third-party vendor support matrix for every requirement. Red Hat Enterprise appears in all the support matrices – from commercial software to hardware, and eases out the support issues for users. Plus, Red Hat has its certifications that help individuals learn thoroughly about all the different features and capabilities of RHEL, making it even easier for organizations to use and manage Enterprise Linux. From space research to the world’s top IT companies, healthcare organizations to BFSI companies, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is used by almost every company in the world. RHEL is ubiquitous in IT environments globally, and so far as that remains so, there will always be high demand for RHCSA and RHCE certified individuals.

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