Advanced Workflow Solutions with SharePoint

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Microsoft SharePoint sites are commonly used by teams to collaborate on documents and share information. This course is a must for teams who want to build effective SharePoint solutions to improve productivity and efficiency of the organization without writing code. The course discusses how no-code workflow solutions can be designed to manage simple as well as complex business processes that add logic to both system and human processes. The course is highly useful for Power User, Site Owner, Site Collection Administrator and Developer who are keen to learn about creating custom SharePoint workflow solutions.

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Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Live Classroom
Duration: 5 days

Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 5 days

What You'll learn

  • Use the out-of-the-box workflows
  • Explore SharePoint 2013 Design user interface
  • Learn Workflow Platform types available in SharePoint 2013/2016/online
  • Create a SharePoint 2010 and 2013 workflow
  • Create and configure stages, steps, actions, conditions and events
  • List workflows, re-useable workflows and site workflows
  • Learn workflow best practices
  • Create and configure workflow initiation parameters and variables
  • Use workflow data sources and lookups
  • Use workflow in Visual Designer and Visio, and Microsoft Flow in Office 365


  • Approval workflow
  • Feedback workflow
  • Digital signatures workflow
  • Three state workflow
  • Publishing workflow
  • Disposition workflow
  • Association Forms
  • Workflow template
  • Task list
  • History list
  • Workflow initiation parameters
    • Adding users to workflows
    • Due dates
    • Duration per task
    • Content approval
  • Manually starting a workflow by an authenticated user
  • List/library workflows
  • Content type workflows
  • Site workflows
  • Office applications
  • Outlook
  • SharePoint sites
  • Creating an approval workflow
  • Creating a feedback workflow
  • Creating a digital signature workflow
  • Creating a three-state workflow
  • Create rule-based workflows
    • Steps
    • Actions
    • Conditions
    • Events
  • Changes from 2010 custom workflows
  • Creates rule based workflows
    • Stages
    • Actions
    • Conditions
    • Events
    • Loops
  • Comments
  • Log to history list
  • Parallel blocks
  • If/Else If branches
  • Layout
  • Markup
  • Branding
  • Modifying forms used in SharePoint workflows
  • Collecting information from users to reference in workflows
  • Creating re-usable content in word for use in workflows
  • Email customization
  • Creating custom workflow forms
  • Initiation forms with workflow
  • Workflow variables
  • Flow templates
  • Flow basics
    • Services
    • Triggers
    • Actions
    • Conditions
    • Loops
  • Build a flow
  • Services
  • Triggers
  • Actions
  • Conditions
  • Loops
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There are no prerequisites for this course. However, completing the Introduction to custom workflow in SharePoint Designer course would be beneficial.

Who Should Attend

The course is highly recommended for all SharePoint business professionals including –

  • IT professionals
  • Power users
  • Site Owners
  • Team leads and supervisors
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Project leads
  • Developers
  • Content editors
  • Information managers
  • Site administrators
  • Site collection administrators

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