Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Deployment with Red Hat JBoss Fuse

Course Code: 2628


This hands-on course gives participants a detailed outline on managing, deploying and customizing Red Hat JBoss Fuse and discusses about developing the core concepts of OSGi-based application using Red Hat JBoss Fuse’s features. These features include bundle management, server management and deployment via Fuse Fabric,, and Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio. After attending this course, participants will have learnt about creating a secure environment to run Red Hat JBoss Fuse on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The course also covers how to create OSGi deployable using Apache Maven extensions.

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Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Live Classroom
Duration: 2 days

Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 2 days

What You'll learn

  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse architecture
  • Fundamental OSGi concepts and usages
  • Bundles: structure, tooling, and deployment
  • JBoss Fuse command line interface administration and management
  • JBoss Fuse security using the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
  • Enterprise management via Fabric, using CLI and management interface


  • Locate, install, and familiarize yourself with Red Hat JBoss Fuse customizations
  • Use command line to exercise many subsystems of JBoss Fuse
  • Identify the concerns OSGi addresses and how Red Hat JBoss Fuse solves for these concerns to improve development productivity
  • Understand the differences and benefits between OSGi bundles and Fuse Application Bundles
  • Create, customize, and deploy new servers for a production environment
  • Customize Red Hat JBoss Fuse to deploy a secure environment for management
  • Understand enterprise management of Red Hat JBoss Fuse-based integration solutions
  • Understand the advantages of using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio with the integration stack to improve developers’ productivity
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To attend this course, participants need Java EE application server administration knowledge, experience with tools such as Maven or Ant and

basic Camel knowledge.

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in the paradigm shifts necessary to enable organizational agility in today’s innovative business climate will find the Business Agility Foundations course compelling. The course is highly recommended for –

  • Current and aspiring business agility leaders
  • Business change agents
  • Business leaders
  • Business managers
  • Value managers
  • Product owners
  • Product managers
  • Anyone wanting a certification in ICAgile Business Agility Foundation (ICP-BAF)
  • Anyone wanting to be an ICAgile Certified Expert in Business Agility

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