Working with Selenium | Selenium Web Testing

Course Code: 1269


Working with Selenium | Selenium Web Testing

Master using Selenium and the WebDriver interface to design and implement tests

Course Code : 1269
Working with Selenium | Selenium Web Testing 0 5 0



The Working with Selenium course focusses on understanding web page testing needs and how Selenium meets those needs. The course equips participants with the skills necessary for testing web applications for sufficiency. The course uses Selenium and the WebDriver interface to design and implement tests. In this course, participants will be working with sample web applications across several test scenarios, to get hands-on exposure to real-life situations and gain a thorough understanding of the concepts learnt.

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Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Live Classroom
Duration: 5 days

Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 5 days

What You'll learn

  • Understand web page testing needs and how Selenium meets those needs
  • Analyze a web application from a functional and testing perspective
  • Design, code and run manual tests using the Katalon recorder
  • Use Selenium constructs to locate elements on a web page
  • Test web page forms and the elements in those forms
  • Use test suites to organize and manage tests
  • Review Java constructs used by testers in working with WebDriver
  • Design code and run Selenium tests using the Java WebDriver API
  • Use the WebDriver API to test advanced web features such as delayed responses and Ajax
  • Focus on best practices for Selenium testing using the Java WebDriver API


  • Benefits of test automation
  • What is Selenium?
  • Understand the tools used by Selenium to create and run tests
  • Understand the Katalon Recorder environment
  • Understand the WebDriver environment
  • Start Katalon recorder
  • Understand the components of Katalon recorder
  • Use Web Developer Inspector to inspect an element on a web page
  • Use Katalon recorder to create and run a manual test
  • Save your test
  • Open a saved test and run it
  • Understand the Katalon recorder components
  • Using Java with Selenium
  • JUnit overview
  • JUnit tests and assertions
  • WebDriver overview
  • Demo: JUnit
  • Finding spots on web pages
  • Built-in locators
  • Find by HTML features
  • Find using CSS
  • Find using XPath
  • WebDriver commands for working with forms
  • Form actions
  • Text form actions
  • Keys
  • Button form actions
  • Waiting for page load
  • WebDriver test suites overview
  • Defining test suites
  • Working with test suites in WebDriver
  • Use WebDriver to work with windows, tabs and frames
  • Utilize Actions class for mouse and keyboard actions
  • Testing file uploads and downloads
  • Testing AJAX elements
  • Preparation
  • Managing names
  • Multiple browser testing
  • High quality tests and test plans
  • Using Whitespace
  • Efficient operations
  • Establish Selenium standards
  • Types of web application tests
  • Strategies for locating elements
  • Wrapping Selenium calls
  • User interface maps
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Participants need to be familiar with Java and have real-world programming experience. Having at least 6 months to a year of web development experience is highly recommended. The course does not cover the basic Java fundamentals so participants would need to be familiar with the basic Java syntax. It is recommended for participants to have the skills in line with the Basic Java Primer for Selenium Users.

Who Should Attend

The course is highly recommended for –

  • Experienced web developers
  • SQA engineers
  • Mobile testing engineers
  • Automation engineers
  • QA professionals
  • Software developers
  • Software engineers
  • Test analysts
  • Automation testers

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