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Is Digital really in your Organization’s DNA?

It’s become very apparent that keeping up with technology feels like sprinting your way through a marathon. It’s also become clear talent- that can continuously learn – is essential to success. But having only the technology and the talent can still allow you to fall short of your digital transformation goals.

What top leaders recognize is that digital must be woven into how you Organize Work, Operate and Behave every day. It must become part of your organization’s DNA – alongside the technology and the talent. Without the right organizational DNA, you will miss out on the full power of digital.

How We Help

At Cognixia, we have the innovation, solutions, and experiences to help you more fully realize the power of your technology and talent by helping you align how you Organize Work, Operate and Behave as a high-powered digital organization. We infuse your digital strategy, technology, and talent into your organization’s day-to-day DNA – so it becomes who you are.

Our Solutions

We help you align and optimize for digital – by helping you architect, blueprint and implement solutions such as:

  • Change management for digital transformation (using MVCs – Minimum Viable Changes)
  • Organization design for a digital workplace
  • Work-design and workflow for onsite/remote/hybrid work
  • Leadership skills for an onsite/remote/hybrid workplace
  • Technology Impact Analysis – specific impacts of your emerging technologies on your work, workplace, and workforce
  • Decision-rights and governance for digital
  • Sourcing and building digital-ready talent
  • Performance management for digital work
  • Aligning policies and incentives for digital
  • Digital culture transformation
  • AI-driven career development for technologists
  • Metaverse/Digital reality-mediated training
  • Exponential Peer Learning
  • Digital Culture Acceleration
  • Synchronization of collaboration tools and work technologies

Some of the Supercharged assets we bring

Digital Organization DNA Assessment

Find out how much digital DNA you have in how your technology/engineering organization Organizes Work, Operates and Behaves every day.

Digital Ambition – Your True North

Bring into focus and align your digital strategy with the DNA needed for your organization’s digital ambitions

Digital reality and Metaverse Learning

Immerse and accelerate your team’s learning with the latest digital learning environments and approaches

Exponential Peer Learning: Nano-Videos

Watch your team’s critical learning and actions multiply with increasing velocity and use across their workplace network.

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