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As most of you might have idea or know about the one of the top and much famous technology blog on the internet which covers latest technology news, gadgets, science and interesting stuff and provides helpful guides to the internet users.

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Helping Your Workforce Embrace Automation Through Future-Resilient Upskilling

There is a new wave of technologies. After the previous three industrial revolutions i.e., mechanical production (first), mass production (second), and digital ...

Training in Technologies That are Actually Needed

Emerging Technologies, Success Stories
When Olive started her training with Cognixia in February 2019, she wasn’t just beginning a new career. She was living in a new country for the first time. As...

Join us for PINK20 in Las Vegas

Join the Cognixia team at the Bellagio in Las Vegas for PINK20, the IT Service Management conference. Starting Sunday the 16th through Wednesday the 19th, Cogn...

New Elements of ITIL 4

ITIL, Service Management
There have been countless webinars, overviews, etc… of the changes that have occurred since the released of ITIL® 4. This blog post describes three of th...

Cognixia and the Service Management Commitment

ITIL, Service Management
Hello everyone. I want to use this first blog post to state that I have officially joined Cognixia. I joined a while back (February 2019) as Director of Busines...

Meaningful Living with Eternal Learning

Emerging Technologies, Technology
When you stop learning, you stop living.  Alvin Toffler, an American writer and businessman with a futurist disposition known for his significant contribution ...

Impactful Technology Events in 2018: Lest We Forget!

Emerging Technologies, Technology
They say: One must always be interested in the future because that is where one is supposed to spend the rest of one’s life. It is, however, also true that th...
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