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Are you aligned with the fastest growing cloud platform on the planet?

November 2, 2017 | AWS Cloud, Cloud Computing, Emerging Technologies

Cloud computing is an information technology paradigm, providing the access and availability of computing power for applications, databases storage and IT resources through a cloud-based platform via the Internet. It plays a vital role in the growth and scaling of companies by its pay-as-you-go strategy.

The most interesting and overwhelming facts about Cloud Computing is that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime across the world via the Internet. When you are using cloud computing, you can store and access data directly over the internet instead of using physical storage devices. Hence, what one gets is a much better storage capacity and a very reliable and faster service.

Uses of cloud computing – Cloud computing is making it all possible, whether you are using an online service to send email, or you wish to edit documents or watch movies, listen to music, play game or store, and other files as well. The paradigm is merely a decade old, but many organizations from new startups to global corporations, government agencies to non-profits are using and recommending it like never before. Here are three superb things that one can get with cloud computing:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)

Now, what we understand here is this, Cloud computing makes the cumbersome act of data storage and accessing much simpler in a time like this, where companies have tons of data to work on every day. To take full advantage of all the cloud computing-based services, companies have started hiring skilled people who are cloud computing experts. This hottest trend is hiking up in cloud computing technology, and therefore, more and more people are aligning themselves with the fastest growing cloud platform in the world – AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

cloud platform

Basically, cloud computing is not our data or programs stored on our machines but exactly opposite of this. AWS, Azure, and Google cloud are online services for storing and accessing the applications over the internet from anywhere. Cloud service via these three is pretty much simpler. One can choose from the two convenient options offered by them, that is, the computer files either can be on site on your machine or off-site in the cloud.

Cloud computing service has been defined by the national institute of standards and technology with the following five essential characteristics:

  • On-demand self-service
  • Broad network access
  • Resource pooling
  • Fast elasticity
  • Measured services

Of the total public computing space, 90% of the cloud is taken up by Amazon. But, the reports also reveal that Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are also trying their best to catch up and would give tough competition in the near future. This brings us to the conclusion; AWS is the largest public computing platform across the globe still present date.

AWS Platform – Amazon Web Services the fast-growing cloud platform across the globe is located in 14 regions on the planet and offers service availability zones in upcoming regions. All the regions mainly consist of 2 and more data availability zones. For measuring hazards/disasters a double data center is quite necessary. Data losing and operation interruption is something companies across the world cannot afford, so, they depend on AWS each day for successful operations.

The reason for AWS’s popularity is its ability to provide growth options to the clients; these options that are not just relevant but are also a must for emerging businesses. Think of any big brand, like, Airbnb, NASA, Expedia, Adobe system, Samsung, Nokia and many other large-scale companies are all using the AWS platform.

For all those who are aware of the power of AWS and also understand its ability to lead in the future, there are certifications offered by Cognixia a Collabera Learning Solutions Company to educate such enthusiasts. Anyone who is AWS savvy today can easily find a good paying job for himself/ herself. Wouldn’t you too like to learn more about this field and take a flight in your career?

Currently, we have beginners and advanced level of AWS certifications on our website, where we ensure users are highly educated and keep up with the AWS’s technological advances. Without any further ado, go to our website today and check out the next starting batch details.

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