Industries have witnessed a massive shift, from manual tasks to automation. As technology advanced, the automobile industry has embraced each innovation and grown tremendously over time. From manufacturing to sales and marketing, emerging technologies have transformed process all across the automobile industry.



The automobile industry is embracing innovation and transformation enhancing productivity and efficiency manifold along the way. The industry understands that meeting consumer demands for a digitally enhanced experience, especially when they research, purchase and operate an automobile, is the way to go. For this, technology has trickled down to every aspect of the industry – from car purchasing processes to manufacturing, from resale to operation.


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Internet of Things (IoT)

Thanks to Internet of Things, highly intelligent vehicles are now a reality. IoT is also contributing greatly to the development of smart vehicles. The technology is making automobiles smarter, safer and more efficient; enhancing the operating experience significantly. IoT is also enabling infotainment, greater security, real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, etc. possible in automobiles. IoT has also brought about automobile manufacturing units to become ‘smart’ factories as the communication provided by the technology provides instant feedback. IoT has even made over-the-road tire monitoring possible, facilitating collection of real-time performance analysis and wear data of the auto

Cloud & DevOps

With automobiles incorporating complex software in recent times, cloud computing and DevOps play an important role in the automobile industry. There is a constant need for updating the apps and software running on the smart vehicles as well as those on manufacturing and operations side, which have been made drastically quicker due to adoption of the DevOps culture. Cloud computing and DevOps is also enabling a smarter, connected supply chain and improved manufacturing operations, while also improving market logistics and providing elasticity in terms of costs and agility.

DL, ML, & Big Data

Data Analytics, Machine learning and Big Data are seeing humongous investments from the automobile industry. Automobiles these days are able to read and analyze the traffic signs, monitor traffic and its patterns, navigate the best route to destination, take voice commands, analyze driving patterns, ensure safety of passengers, automate parking, among other things. All of this can attributed to data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence and Big Data. These technologies are enhancing the manufacturing operations by engaging advanced algorithms, creating schedules, managing workflows and even deploying robots for various manufacturing processes. This has reduced defects in operations significantly. There are also specific algorithms to enhance the automobile purchasing experience by recommending the right choice for chosen parameters, recommending essential enhancements to existing automobiles, calculating resale value based on parameters entered, etc.


The automobile industry is expected to see a great demand of expertise in networking and IT infrastructure. The industry is also greatly susceptible to cyberattacks, as seen from the increasing cases of automobile hacking and vulnerabilities of manufacturing and other processes, necessitating cybersecurity professionals to be part of the team to safeguard the processes and infrastructure. Professionals with CISSP and CCSP would be a great fit for the automobile industry. The industry is also taking towards offering Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), creating a huge demand for trained professionals skilled in managing the new offerings both at the back-end and the front-end. The automobile industry is in the midst of a super growth boom, and it needs all skilled hands on the deck.