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Sourcing, evaluating, hiring, onboarding, and training talent calls for a huge investment of time and money for any enterprise. With JUMP by Cognixia, we hire digitally native talent, train them on emerging technologies to deliver agile & digital-ready workforce that can be deployed on-site as full-time consultants. With this, you can continue focusing on achieving your goals & business objectives without worrying about getting manpower in place to meet these goals. Cognixia is committed to delivering an agile, future-proof, digital-ready workforce through our customizable training programs.

Upskill Or Hire – We Can Help You Do Both.

Training and development is the primary fuel for a motivated workforce, and acquiring unique talent is the first step toward disrupting the competition. Cognixia can help you do both at the same time.

Working with us means giving your biggest assets a chance to grow, while giving yourself the chance to capitalize on new business opportunities.



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Hire digitally native talent to solve your digital needs

How do we select JUMP candidates?

Attitude Assessments
Attitude Assessments
Mindset Assessments
Mindset Assessments
Location Based
  • Engaged students in specific projects during training that would help the organization build on it post-hiring
  • Provided soft-skills and individual behavior training

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