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Backbone.js is a JavaScript library which is designed for developing single page web applications and for keeping various segments of web application synchronized.

Backbone is lightweight, the minimal set of data-structuring and user interface, allows the developer a choice of extension for enhanced functionality.

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What you'll learn

At the end of Backbone.js training course, participants will:
  • Build responsive client-side web applications using Backbone.js
  • Set up applications from start to end
  • Display information using Views
  • Update server-side data using forms
  • Change views using Router
  • Extract common code components
  • Improve an application performance
Duration: 16 Hours


Basic knowledge in JavaScript and some experience in building web application is required.


  • Extending Backbone.Model
  • Constructors
  • Model Attributes
  • Model Functions
  • Validation
  • REST Services
  • Events
  • Extending Backbone.Collection
  • Constructors
  • Manipulating Collections
  • Traversing a Collection
  • Events
  • Extending Backbone.View
  • Rendering Content and Manipulating the DOM
  • Templating with Underscore.js
  • Templating with HandleBars.js
  • Extending Backbone.Router
  • History
  • Route Parameters
  • Events
  • Changing the Route
  • Using the Router as a Controller
  • Binding / Unbinding Events
  • Event Gotchas (i.e. listenTo vs. on)
  • Triggering Events
  • Event Aggregator
  • Application View
  • Application Architecture
  • Building the Application for Deployment

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