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The JavaScript Development Suite provides with good base of understanding with Ajax development fundamentals, JavaScript fundamentals, advanced JavaScript and fundamentals of jQuery.

Our JavaScript Development Suite is for beginners as well as advanced users. This training program is best suited for:

Web Developers

Software Engineers

System Engineers

Mobile Application Developers


Anyone looking to build Dynamic Websites with JavaScript

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What you'll learn

After completion of JavaScript & Ajax training course, the participants will be able to understand:
  • How JavaScript and AJAX works fundamentally
  • How different kinds of Ajax libraries handle the technologies
Duration: 16 Hours


Must Have
  • Good understanding of HTML and HTTP methods
  • Programming experience with any high level language good to have
  • Conceptual understanding of Web applications XML


  • Overview of the role of web applications
  • Difference between traditional and Web 2.0 applications
  • Understanding the thin and thick clients
  • Overview of enabling technologies: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Developing and deploying a simple web apps that uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Identifying the opportunities to make a simple web app as an RIA
  • Building blocks: Data types, literals and variables
  •  Interacting with the user: alerts, confirms and prompts
  •  Operators and expressions
  •  Type checking and type conversion
  •  Control Structures: if and switch
  •  Iterations: while, do…while, for, for…in
  •  Exception Handling: try, catch, throw
  •  Functions: Defining and invoking named and anonymous functions
  • Array objects
  •  String objects
  •  Date objects
  •  Math objects
  •  Navigator object
  •  Cookie object
  •  Creating user defined objects
  • The need of a standard object model
  •  Overview of the DOM standard
  •  Understanding Window object
  •  Understanding Document object
  •  Survey of other important DOM objects
  •  DOM manipulation: creating, updating, deleting and accessing nodes
  • Understanding the event model: bubbling, propagating and capturing events
  •  Survey of typical DOM events
  •  Handling events using JavaScript
  •  Developing active web pages by handling events and manipulating DOM elements
  •  Understanding the form submission process
  •  Short comings of the synchronous communication with the server
  • Understanding the need of partial page updates and asynchronous communication
  • Introducing the AJAX approach
  • Inspecting the XHR object and its IDL API
  • Understanding the callback mechanism
  • Using AJAX using GET and POST
  • Using AJAX for both synchronous and asynchronous communications
  • Processing the XML payload of the AJAX response
  • Manipulating the DOM nodes based on the response
  • Developing an RIA using AJAX
  • Shortcomings of XML payloads
  • Understanding the need of JSON
  • JSON Arrays and JSON Objects
  • The eval function of JavaScript
  • Processing the JSON payload of the AJAX response
  • Manipulating the DOM nodes based on the response
  • Developing an RIA using JSON and AJAX
  • The concept of DWR
  • Basic idea: Remoting between JavaScript client and the server side components
  • Implementing DWR to make RIA
  • The concept of SSP
  • Basic idea: Using AJAX to implement server side notifications to the client
  • Using SSP in making RIA
  • The concept of Same Origin Policy
  • Ways to overcome SOP: Dynamic loading of scripts
  • Using JSON with Padding as a solution
  • Overview of various AJAX libraries
  •  JQuery
  •  Ext.JS (Overview)
  •  Dojo (Overview)
  •  GWT (Overview)
  • Setting up jQuery
  •  Submitting GET and POST requests using jQuery AJAX API
  •  Processing the results
  •  Handling the errors
  • The Vulnerabilities
  •  Tips and Best practices
  •  JavaScript Injections

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