This industry is responsible for the discovery of drugs and medical assistance and devices, development of medications and vaccinations for major causes and its preventions; holds much more potential if supported by the technologies of today. The Pharma industry has entered into a new phase that focuses on leveraging disruptive technologies to its full potential. From innovating and automating the basic processes to building high-value information reports with the advanced analysis that makes the discovery of a drug a faster process. The Pharmaceutical industry can be the perfect bearer of potential change with the help of all technologies around.



The pharmaceutical industry is very important in the healthcare world. Even though it has shown slow progress, it’s on the path to adopting and implementing emerging technologies for the better. From research, market analysis, and production to marketing and commercials, the pharma industry is experiencing a major turn on a positive note. With enhanced capabilities of maintenance, production, analysis, etc. the technologies today are on the way to taking this industry to new heights.


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Internet of Things (IoT)

Apart from the wearables that are contributing hugely to the Pharmaceutical Industry, IoT has other major applications to this industry. It is crucial to monitor and maintain the bio-chemicals, materials and major instruments used for various purposes. With IoT around, sensors can be enabled to monitor and provide timely updates that ensure flawless operations of equipment and machinery along with the detection of any drug fraud. IoT contributes to optimizing material tracking and management along with logistics and supply chain in all departments of this industry. IoT has started to adhere to the overall health of the patient by monitoring vitals and medications routines and provide life-saving precautions on-time.

Cloud & DevOps

Though with a slow pace, the pharma companies are gearing up by adopting DevOps and Cloud Computing in the most effective way. Pharma companies majorly use customized and highly analytical software for various researches and analysis. Software and tools need constant updating. According to the latest rules and researches occurring, spots a vital role for DevOps and Cloud in this industry. DevOps streamlines the constant software updates occurring online in a much better and faster way. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is replacing the manual checks and tedious processes and automating data processes with SaaS instead of on-premise software. The ability to monitor and analyze the activity and vital signs of patients with wearables and bio-sensors helping to collect data of high value generates electronic logs for analysis. Processes such as electronic health records, laboratory information systems, picture archiving and communication systems, drug analysis, etc. have been highly accelerated using these technologies.

DL, ML, & Big Data

It is no surprise that the amount of data generated every second is growing exponentially contributing to Big Data. Considering data from wearables and bio-sensors alone creates a huge gold-mine of data for pharma and healthcare companies. These data mines hold potential information that upon analysis generates valuable reports best used for analysis and fast execution of critical processes. The application of Machine Learning to such data is optimizing innovation and decision-making processes even in the most critical situations. With Data Analysis, the path to real-world clinical and commercial operations has become easier.


The Pharmaceutical industry holds much more than manufacturing and production of drugs and medical devices. It is important to reach out to the right people at the right time. This involves building market strategies and applying them with the current Digital Marketing techniques in this area. And with the growing online data collection and storage, this industry is vulnerable to data thefts and corruption. This makes cybersecurity an integral part of this industry. With the growing online presence of this industry and the fact that software is always updated according to need, builds a large opportunity pool for IT people from a various background in this industry.