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Microstrategy gives organizations the complete set of capabilities required to transform into an Intelligent Enterprise, from enterprise reporting and data discovery, to mobile productivity and real time telemetry. Microstrategy enables organizations to work on challenging data sets and to share accesses to data with various business groups, ensuring the decision makers have access to data whenever and wherever they need it.

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What you'll learn

In this training, you will learn –
  • Microstrategy Installation and MSTR configuration
  • Data warehousing and Microstrategy architecture
  • Microstrategy analytics desktop objects and schemas
  • Analytics and Reporting on Microstrategy
  • Hierarchy and Grouping in Microstrategy
  • Creating facts, attributes and schema objects
  • Integrating social media and analytics data through “data wrangling”
  • MicroStrategy security filter and performance tuning
Duration: 24 Hours


  • Database Concepts
  • Definition of Data Warehousing
  • Types of tables
  • Star Schema
  • Snow Flake Schema
  • Developer
  • Architect
  • Report services
  • Intelligence server
  • Distribution Services
  • Administration
  • Object Manager
  • Integrity Manager
  • Command Manager
  • Web
  • Data Blending
  • Visual Insights
Microstrategy Developer
  • A brief into Business Intelligence
  • A brief into Developer & Architecture in Microstrategy
  • Types of Objects in Microstrategy
  • A brief into Public Objects
  • A brief into Schema Objects
  • A brief into Configuration Objects
  • A brief into Attributes and Metrics.
  • A brief into Report Creation
  • Different types of Report Modes
  • Pivoting
  • Templates
  • Sorting
  • Auto Styles
  • Outline Mode
  • Formatting Changes
  • Conditional Formatting (Templates)
  • Creating & saving Advanced report filters
  • Creation & saving Advanced report Prompts
  • Creating, formatting and saving metrics
  • OLAP services in Microstrategy desktop
  • Report Objects
  • View filters
  • Derived Metrics
  • Smart Metrics
  • Level Metric
  • Transformation Metrics
  • Conditional metrics
  • Creating and saving prompts & searches
  • Consolidations and Custom Group
  • Exporting Report in Microstrategy
  • Creating an Intelligent Cube
  • Publishing an Intelligent Cube
  • Creating Intelligent Cube Reports
  • Derived Elements(Lists, Calculations, Filters)
  • Dynamic Aggregation
  • Dynamic Sourcing
  • Report Data Options
  • Aliasing
  • Report Limits
  • Attribute Join Types
  • Metric Join Types
  • VLDB Properties
  • A brief into Microstrategy Architect
  • Logical data model
  • Physical warehouse schema
  • Advanced Data modeling & schema design
  • Many-to-many relationship
  • A brief into project creation in Microstrategy architect
  • Creating Microstrategy facts
  • Creating Microstrategy attributes
  • Role attributes
  • Automatic and Manual Mapping
  • Creating Microstrategy hierarchies
  • Project configuration workshop
  • A brief into enterprise reporting
  • Document basics
  • Document design concepts
  • Useful design techniques
  • Introduction to Microstrategy administration
  • Administration and query flow
  • Connectivity
  • Startup and administration interface
  • Security
  • Microstrategy intelligence server administration
  • Caching and scheduling
  • Datamarts
  • Clustering
  • Creating Subscriptions
  • Scheduling Subscriptions
  • Subscribing to User and User Groups
  • MSTR Installation
  • Object manager
  • Project duplication
  • Groups and user creation
  • Command manager
  • Exposure to mstr10
  • mstr10 – new concepts
  • Document Creation
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Custom Groups
  • Metric Creation
  • Prompt Creation
  • Creating Documents and Dashboard
  • Different View and Execution Modes
  • Creation of Documents and dashboards with slice n Dice Concepts
  • Inserting Panel Stacks, Layouts, Selectors and widgets in Documents and Dashboard
  • Adding External data to create dashboards
  • Importing Dashboards
  • Exporting Dashboards
  • Data blending
  • Linking attributes

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