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Android Wear – a new dais for Internet

August 27, 2015 | Android, Mobility

In today’s world, we all are aware of the word Android – a mobile Operating System (OS) which is based on the Linux kernel which is a Unix-like computer operating system. This technology has currently been developed by Google through an edge based on direct manipulation. Over the years it has become one of the most well-liked for the companies dealing in technologies, which requires a customizable operating system, ready-made and low-cost for high-tech devices. On 18th March 2014, Google had come up with a version called Android-wear, which is an extension of the Android operating system mainly designed for smartwatches and other wearable items.

What is Android Wear?

A technology that connects to one’s smartphones via companion app and allows setting your bookmarks and favorites, so that you can directly have an access to it. Moreover, Android wear assimilates mobile notifications and Google now into a smartwatch form factor via union with the mobile phone running Android version 4.3+.

However, this technology is based on the similar Linux kernel as its Smartphone brethren and developers will need Android Studio 0.8 and Gradle 0.12 or later in order to cook up new Android apps or amend their current ones for Wear compatibility if they want to get techy.

Features of Android Wear

 With this technology, it helps in shelling out the suggestion and useful information even before you ask for it at one glance. Information such as receiving and sending details about the meeting or any official or personal message. It helps in connecting with others and getting the things done, can become one of the technologies that get in the way of everything else.

 Apart from this, one can store audio tracks on their wear watches and listen to them even when the phone is out of range, so it’s great for the morning jog. However, for time being it merely works with Google’s own Play Music app.

 Furthermore, one of the major updates adds further card controls and now there is a facility to fetch back a card which you have swiped away to the right with an undo button appearing just after you have flicked away making it easier to bring it back. Nevertheless, you can navigate notification using gesture by this newest update and one can use it by tapping your wrist away from you scrolls forward one card and tapping backward goes backward.

You can also check the battery status and see as to how much storage space is left in your wear device. You can also see the usage of the battery and can even enable or disable the always-on feature, by selecting the cog icon. As well as activate the ’tilt to wake’ functionality that automatically switches on the watch’s display when you turn your watch up to face you. As long as Android Wear smartwatch is currently connected, the quick setting option allows mute notifications on your phone.

Android Wear updates

Most of us might have heard about the various version of Android Wear – Android Wear 2.0, Android Wear 5.1 or even Android Wear Lollipop, however, none of these versions are official monikers. The latest software is officially version, which launched with the LG Watch Urbane and is available for all devices.

 One of the major Android Wear updates adds GPS support for the platform so that you can track your statistics and go running without any smartphone tethering with an attuned app and listen to music using your Bluetooth headphones.

 You’ll also have the ability to view, manage and change watch faces from within the Android Wear app on your mobile device, as well as on the watch itself. Moreover, in December 2014 a second update had also arrived adding support for downloadable watch faces, making it much easier for developers to offer up designs and, more prominently for most of the user it is now a doddle to grab new designs.

 Recently in April 2015 the always-on app feature and the gesture controls along with Wi-Fi connectivity and emojis were announced. This feature works till your watch is connected to a Wi-Fi network, however, if your phone has a data connectivity you will be able to use your favourite app, get the notification and even send messages.

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