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Cloud Computing and Millions of Jobs

March 29, 2017 | AWS Cloud, Technology

Cloud computing can have a big impact on businesses whether they are small or large. Cloud computing has many advantages and that is the reason companies, around the world, are embracing cloud computing. Cloud computing has helped companies in saving a lot of money and space and thus there is an exponential increase in the number of cloud computing jobs. More importantly, it has given the flexibility of adding or removing any service easily, depending on the companies’ needs.

cloud computing jobs

The number of companies adopting cloud computing is increasing at an extremely fast rate creating a plenty of job opportunities in the field of cloud computing. The global cloud computing market will grow to a whopping $241 billion by 2020, according to Forrester Research. Millions of cloud computing will be created.

The increase in the number of companies adopting cloud computing has resulted in a huge demand for cloud computing professionals which will increase the number of cloud computing jobs. Companies are looking for the right skills for the professionals for the jobs related to cloud computing. Cloud computing has many career opportunities including cloud architects, cloud developers, cloud engineers, cloud security specialists, cloud support analysts and many more.

This is the perfect opportunity for professionals in software development, IT administration and networking domain to upgrade themselves and be a hot property in the job market. Having said that, it is also a great opportunity for freshers who are looking to make long and rewarding cloud computing jobs.

With the right training and certificate, you can also jumpstart your cloud computing job. But the key here is to do it as soon as possible. Early adopters always have the upper hand. In fact, the combination of Big Data and cloud computing will be the most sought-after combination in the near future. Cloud Big Data Specialist is going to be the most in-demand job title for the future.

The biggest challenge the cloud market is facing is the lack of resources and expertise, this challenge could be your strength in making a wonderful career in cloud computing. If you’ve any query regarding how to build a career in cloud computing or any question about emerging technology, feel free to get in touch with Cognixia

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