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Data Science is here to stay!

November 2, 2016 | Data Science, Technology

With a large amount of data being generated every second, we need Data Science to extract sense from all that data. Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data is being generated every second thanks to the internet and everything connected to it. Before the existence of the Internet, data was generated only by the employees of a company and that too was mostly structured data (i.e. tables, a form of rows, and columns). The Internet became popular when several individuals around the world (via Internet access) started connecting to each other and with the rise of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Everyone started contributing towards generating more data in the form of status updates, tweets, uploading pictures, videos and so on. But then, all of a sudden there was a tsunami of data which captured the attention of every business and everyone started thinking about managing the huge amount of data and more importantly, how to use the data to extract useful information for benefits.

data science cycle

Now, with the evolution of Internet and technology like internet-of-things, apart from human beings, electronic devices also started contributing towards the already existing ocean of data. The biggest question now facing mankind is what to do with all that data? And the answer is “Data Science”. No wonder we have started hearing about Data Science a bit too much recently. With the data coming in from all direction and in all shapes and sizes it is imperative that we try and find a way to make use of it otherwise, it will not do any good to us.

Data science is not the exact science but the combination of advanced statistics, advanced mathematics, and machine learning. It can help in predicting the future from the analysis of past data sets. It can help in coming up with a new product based on the study of consumer habits. Data Science can practically do magic.

More than how Data Science answers what and why for businesses and helps in redefining the bottom line. Everything, these days, is related to data be it your status updates, your comments, your tweets, your likes on facebook and twitter, your online shopping data, your workout data etc. If we cannot analyze the data what good is the data for? You will agree that the recommendations you see while browsing any e-commerce website like Amazon, are mostly very relevant to what you’d like to buy in future or what you could buy based on what other people bought after they bought the exact same thing as you. This is how the giants in e-commerce are making use of data science. Banks are using data science techniques to predict the defaulters so that they can monitor them closely. Supply chain industry is making very good use of data science to ensure minimal wastage and maximum profit.

Almost all, if not all, industries are already making use of or are in the process of implementing data science in one or another to make sure they are not behind in the race.

With billions of human beings and devices connected to the internet, we can rest assured that Data Science is here to stay. “Data Scientist Job” is already named as the sexiest job of the 21st century and why not, what could be more satisfying than finding insights from the enormous amount of data and helping a company gain a competitive edge.

If you want to be a part of the ever-growing field of Data Science, Cognixia one of the prominent Data Science training providers can assist you with what it takes to be successful in the magical field of Data Science. For further information or queries regarding the data science course, feel free to contact us.

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