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Don’t stick to traditional Marketing, World is getting Digital! Switch to Digital Marketing

August 26, 2015 | Digital Marketing, SMAC

It’s been few years, that I have been a part of this IT Industry Witnessing its changing face in a very rapid way wherein new technologies are gearing up bring in a revolution and totally changing the business game! In my previous post, I talked about SMAC- Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. But just imagine how to spread the word around? Because it’s all about getting your product in the best view of your clients and getting the best out of it i.e. ROI as majority companies have coined it!

If you say TV well TV is just a luxury now and honestly speaking, people just flip channels during the advertisements!! Which in-short makes no scenes spending a lot on advertisements. So what now! Currently what’s bugging this advertisement market is the Digital Marketing approach, which is actually a good bug! Talking more to it People are more attached to their mobile phones rather than glancing at  TV sets well you got the app now!–HotStar you know even Ditto!!!

So the best way to reach out to the audience is just getting digital. Giving a brief insight into what is making Digital marketing a hype! Digital marketing can be defined as the marketing technique which uses the digital channels, platforms, and devices regardless of whether they are online or not where Online Marketing is a subset of Digital marketing.

digital marketing

But currently, it’s an absolute bridge between Online marketing and Digital marketing, merging both of it. Digital/ Online marketing is the future of the business world, just taking a leap a few years back from now and you will see how fast this marketing concept spread through the world. It was not before 1990’s that this amazing technique of marketing, shaped itself to be the future of the business world.

Today almost every successful business does have a website and a social media page. And those who didn’t they are shifting towards this strategy. It has helped to overcome almost all limitations that were stopping the growth of a business to make a global reach. International boundaries were erased giving rise to online marketing, e-learning websites, distance education and various other exchanges of goods and services using the internet and digital devices.

With the rise of the mobile platform, the online marketing term just got merged with the digital marketing term which is known as the ultimate weapon to grow your business at a global level. So the basic secret of success for this is implementing digital marketing in your business and identifying the right tools & resources and learn where and how to use them. Some suggestions are listed below…

  • Email marketing, a good example: Nordstrom sends out multiple email blasts EACH DAY! Having a compelling content that would be informative to the subscribers on your email list, tell them about it via email communications.
  • Search engine optimization, having your website optimized for SEO is a necessity as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads have more close rates than the outbound leads i.e. the cold calls or print advertising.
  • Better blogging, well no need to talk on it… you are just being a part of it right now.
  • Yahoo! Bing network, as the average cost per click on Yahoo! Bing was lower than on Google AdWords.  A lower cost per click can yield a lower cost per acquisition, which is the exact reason why you should start taking the search network seriously that receives more of the market share.
  • Facebook lookalike audience as the lookalike audiences let you reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to a customer list that the business care about.
  • Paid promotion on Facebook as Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm, the likelihood for a business to appear high in the news feed. and adding just ~$5.00  in promotion to selected Facebook posts will drastically increase interaction.
  • Twitter outreach, hashtags are the best way of reaching out to people.
  • Get started on Instagram, as the younger generation has flocked to this social media platform with over 200 million monthly active users
  • Facebook re-marketing, Starting to seek an uptick in conversion by implementing a Facebook re-marketing strategy is another best idea!
  • YouTube videos, implementing videos into your online marketing mix.
  • Compelling graphics, the more compelling your graphics are on various social media channels, the more interaction you will receive.
  • Digital PR, if you reach out to various media related websites and send them over a solid pitch, they might just write an article on the company.
  • Unique promotion, regardless that the above-mentioned ways are just a game changer but brainstorming a unique promotion technique that people will actually enjoy, can drive massive publicity for the company.

After reading all this, it might have bugged your mind as to how to achieve actual implementation on this, as it’s a science of Digital marketing and just needs the proper knowledge to achieve the dream targets! So well buckle up on this science of digital marketing well assuming how to get the best in the market… Explore the link below. “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

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