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Why Big Data Hadoop – A Holistic View

June 22, 2016 | Big Data, Technology

Big Data Analytics is no longer a term in the books of technology but has become a reality and how. With enormous amounts of data being generated every day, processing and analysing data has become highly important for the companies. There’s a lot of discussion around outsourced analytics as well. Talking about Big Data without mentioning Hadoop is like talking about India and not mentioning the Taj Mahal. Hadoop and Big Data skills in India present some interesting statistics which are worth observing.

The most interesting aspect of any profession is the remuneration. The starting salaries of data analysts in India range between INR 370,000 to INR 460,000 (i.e. USD 5500 to USD 6800) per annum. This is one of the reasons why India remains to be a popular choice for outsourcing data analytics work by organizations in the US, however big or small they may be.

There is a continuous rise in the demand for Hadoop professionals especially for job titles like Hadoop Architects and Administrators who are skilled in designing and managing the clusters and infrastructure. Big Data Hadoop Developers who are skilled in writing scripts which communicate with databases and Data Scientists who bring analytics and modelling expertise to the table are other job titles which are highly in demand.

Big Data Hadoop

India proves to be a provider of cost-effective resources in these areas as well when compared to their western counterparts. This is why there are ample big data job opportunities created by local as well as foreign companies. The median salaries for experienced architects and software development engineers in India range between USD 27,000 to USD 30,000 (INR 1,827,090 to INR 2,030,100) per annum. These salaries are less than half the amount that the foreign workers earn for these roles in countries like the U.S., which attracts a lot of foreign companies to outsource their analytics work to India.

Besides the salaries, there is another interesting factoid that you should look at. Internet Technology giants like Amazon, eBay, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are some of the organizations which are most interested in hiring professionals with Hadoop skills. This balance is being anticipated to shift as bigger companies build out their Hadoop infrastructures, and as managed Hadoop-as-a-Service offerings mature.

Big Data Hadoop

Hadoop as a technology offers a variety of jobs for professionals to choose from according to their preference and expertise. Here are the most popular Hadoop job titles –

  1. Hadoop Architect – It is the responsibility of a Hadoop Architect to plan and design “Big Data” system architectures which are future-ready. This role of this professional also includes managing the development and deployment of Hadoop applications. A Hadoop Architect should preferably be an SME and must have experience of delivering on Hadoop platforms like MapR and HortonWorks.
  2. Hadoop Developer – This professional is a highly skilled programmer with in-depth knowledge of Java, databases and scripting languages. It is also important for a Hadoop Developer to have good interpersonal skills in order to communicate with various levels of customers of an organization’s Big Data operations.
  3. Data Scientists – Data Scientists are extremely skilled professionals with great knowledge of business as well as data analysis. They are experts in all the areas from writing codes to designing analytics models and from working with databases to designing and implementing machine learning algorithms. Unlike a regular data analyst, a data scientist analyzes data from more than one source.
  4. Hadoop Administrator – Hadoop Administrator is responsible for setting up big data infrastructure and managing shared cluster resources among developers. It is the responsibility of a Big Data Hadoop Administrator to troubleshoot and resolve infrastructure issues.

These are some of the most popular Hadoop professions. At Cognixia, we provide world-class training programs in each of these roles. Our team of expert trainers delivers exceptional training which is recognized by the industry across the globe. Our training materials have been laid down keeping in mind the complexity of the subject and offer a simple and smooth approach towards learning and getting skilled. Cognixia also boasts of great infrastructure which allows the participants to get hands-on experience by working real-time industry use-cases.

If Big Data Analytics fascinates you and you wish to be a part of an exciting career then getting skilled in Hadoop technology can do wonders for you. For further information, you can write to us

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