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How is Tableau Useful for Your Business?

March 10, 2021 | Machine Learning
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The world is constantly upgrading itself and it is becoming increasingly digital. Everything from smartphones to smart TVs and refrigerators is digitally transforming and most importantly, collecting data. Search data is created every time we browse the internet, which gets used by businesses to predict customer behavior. From small businesses to big corporations, everyone needs data to analyze and strategize how to make their products better and offer customers a better experience. Even if you are a small business, you have got data. But the important thing is, how is that being used? Is it being merely collected or is it being analyzed and used the right way?

Think about the program your company uses regularly. What are your systems doing with the valuable information? Are they utilizing the data to its full potential? It is certainly not as easy as it seems and that is where Tableau comes into play.

According to Forbes, 80% of any data scientist’s time is spent on preparing the data. This means that a data scientist or analyst only spends about one day partaking in operations that truly boost the business’s profitability i.e., data analysis, insights research, test designs, and impress stakeholders. However, with Tableau, your business can improve insights and gain efficiency. Tableau is a valuable business intelligence platform that can help you analyze and understand massive data easily.


Let us see why your business needs Tableau and how it can help –

Pulls & Prepares Your Data Faster

Making accurate decisions on time, based on the data report, is the primary goal of the stakeholders. The report presented to them must display accurate information. To prepare that report, data has to be pulled, prepped, and then combined into a readable or usable format. This process is not only highly time-consuming but also vulnerable to mistakes. Tableau has in-built connections and preparation tools that enable analysts to compile data in a usable format faster.

This way, Tableau can help you save the data-preparation time, allowing your analysts more time to focus on other operations such as, formulating insights, analyzing data, etc.

Creates Better Visualizations

It is proven that humans process visual information faster. 90% of the information that your brain grasps are visual. Visuals get processed 60,000X faster by the brain than basic texts. Considering this, spreadsheets and reports are a good way to present your data. Visuals are not only for marketing, they can also be used to give your data more meaning. Your presentations, reports, sales, or marketing meetings can be improved with visually compelling data. The better the data is presented, the more impact your organization will have on your audience.

Tableau’s data visualization feature eliminates complications, simplifies the data analysis, and finds its real value. With Tableau, you can add new data sets, which automatically get blended using common fields. Its user-friendliness makes analyzing and visualizing data an enjoyable process for the employees. Tableau’s capabilities include –

  • Big Data Analysis
  • Connection to standard data sources
  • R Integration

Better Collaboration with The Team and Clients

Have you ever gone through the headache of spending hours preparing reports for your clients, downloading them, and then sending them across? What if you’re out of office and the data needs to be updated urgently? This challenge can be eliminated with Tableau.

Tableau will allow you to collaborate with your team, clients or contractors, and make your data visualization process much more accessible and meaningful. You will have the option to share your dashboard or raw data from anywhere, which will make on-the-spot changes and decision-making easier.

Large Community

Tableau has been leading the way in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for over 7 years now. Its online community is full of knowledgeable and passionate individuals who keep bringing forth intuitive ideas. The annual Tableau conference involves over 15,000 people in the US, willing to share insights and discover the latest features of the business intelligence platform. Tableau constantly releases new features and versions that have forums for customers to discuss further improvements. The community can help you with something that can be applied to your daily business routine.

Wouldn’t it be nice to invest in a platform that can streamline your business operations, help your data analysts do their jobs more efficiently, and lessen the burden on your IT department? If your organization hasn’t tested Tableau for business yet, we suggest you get your team to learn Tableau.

Sharpen your team’s Tableau skills and digitally transform your business with Cognixia’s Tableau courses, customized to your business’ requirements. We provide Tableau training online, helping organizations incorporate an agile mindset into their business. Nominate your team for our Workforce Transformation programs and receive the best Tableau training.

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