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Internet of Things: Smartness as a Service?

June 13, 2016 | IoT, Technology

Internet of Things (IoT) is making it possible worldwide for providing Smartness as a Service. Smart egg trays, brushes, refrigerators, washing machines, and hydroponic system etc. are some of the trending examples of IoT: Smartness as a Service. All devices and ‘things’ are getting powered with System on Chips (SoC). Instruments such as Arduino boards, RaspberryPi, Intel Galileo boards etc. are making it possible for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication. These devices are connected to the internet for communication between the things. The demand for connected devices spans multiple industries including the energy, healthcare, agriculture, automotive and consumer spaces.

Some of the major sectors where IoT is making a huge impact:


Stock Management

With the use of IoT devices such as mobile scanners and RFID tags, stocks can be managed in real time. These technologies, when combined with strong analytical system tools, can generate valuable insights.

Equipment Sharing

In healthcare infrastructure, many facilities tend to share expensive health care equipment. Cloud-based scheduling applications with the use of IoT devices; the utilization of this equipment can be tracked and coordinated to ensure lower costs.

Patient Records

IoT wearables such as Fitbit, HealthPatch, Google Smart Contact Lenses etc, however, hold the potential to capture relevant and accurate information about the patient in real time which can be shared easily. Hence, these notes can be referred to initiate immediate treatment.

Pharmacy Prescription

Prescriptions can be sent to pharmacies directly from the doctors’ mobile devices. This eliminates the chances of misplaced prescriptions and other logistical problems. Pharma companies can easily update and share their new products with keeping Doctors in the loop.

IOT Health

With the help of sensors, data that retrieved from the fields, water, and air assists the farmers in gathering information about their resources such as land, crops, and animals. Multiple sensors (Humidity, Temperature, Moisture, GPRS) are being used to deploy high scale IoT-based agricultural projects. Monitoring systems such as soil monitors, Irrigation scheduling, Integrated pest management, atmospheric monitors, aerial drones and animal tags are being deployed on farms across the world to help farmers to make better and efficient decisions.

Soil monitors can detect variables like soil types, ground temperature and moisture levels.

Animal monitors can track the location and also, provide indicators of potential illness.

Flyover drones can indicate if seeds have sprouted and calculate approximated yield that can be harvested.

Atmospheric monitors can detect weather conditions, air moisture at precise locations.

IOT Training

There are several other products and sectors where IoT is playing a vital role in changing the dynamics of industries. Here is a link to an IoT SlideShare PPT which has a number of such examples.

Since IoT has started penetrating into the financial service industry, it will only open more gates to big data opportunities. This trend is also going to affect other sectors and will have a snowball effect. If you wish to make a career in IoT or Big Data, then this is the time to get trained and certified in IoT as well as Hadoop technology and plunge into an infinite pool of opportunities.

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