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Internet of Things is incomplete without Cloud computing

November 23, 2015 | Cloud Computing, IoT

Once IoT cloud computing comes into its swing, Cloud will be the handling the hundreds of petabytes of information with its cloud providers. Cloud will store ample amount of data coming from different sources – sensors, gateways and other computing devices. Cloud computing has introduced a new era of computing that leverages networks and operating software to computing capability as and when needed, which includes Internet of Everything applications.

Cloud environment has become a trusted partner for the businesses. It has stated that Cloud Computing will bulk of all new spending on IT and that spending on public cloud will reach $250 billion. There is a revolution seen in enterprises as well as government agencies of all sizes, as they are shifting from small-scale application deployments to hosting and running large, mission-critical operations in the cloud that are absolutely secured and open.

The different deployment models of cloud and mobile-based cloud platform technologies are providing companies with an option of connecting their enterprise-based information systems to both private as well as public IoT cloud-enabled devices. This will enable enterprises to quickly and economically build the Internet of Things system that can scale up or down based on changes in the environment and the sense & a response of the Things.

Cloud Computing Will Become the Bulk of New IT Spend

Things are going to be smart and easy in the next 10 years. How? Have a look at this example. These days we wake up in the morning, reach out to make some nice coffee and when we open the can of coffee we realize that it’s empty. We will curse our self for not making a note to buy it on time. In the future, we really won’t have to depend on ourselves for such annoying things because everything will be automated. Your coffee can will know your daily habits of drinking coffee and will remind you when your coffee is about to run out.

There will be a sensor which will detect that coffee is about to run out and will let you know exactly when/where to buy that coffee by checking local store inventories for your favorite brand’s availability. It’ll also cross-reference your list of appointments that day to identify which is the most convenient store to drop by during the day. This “task” will automatically be filed and synced with your laptop, smartphone, iPad or smart car to ensure you don’t forget.

This is how the Internet of Things is going to rule the world without the jumble of wires. As cloud computing makes it possible to combine the information sourcing from different sensors and applications which will be collected, analyzed and transferred as needed. These pieces of information are sent and received at lightning speed to make your life easy.

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