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It’s All about Cloud

February 22, 2016 | Cloud Computing

It is in fact all about Cloud Computing these days. Cloud has become one of the most popular emerging technologies of our times. With Linkedin listing Cloud Computing as one of the leading skills that can get you hired in 2016, it is needless to state the popularity and demand for this technology. There is a certain reason behind Linkedin’s inference. Cloud Computing was the most in-demand skill in the world in 2015. This led to the prediction by Linkedin that the demand for professionals with Cloud Computing skills will continue to accelerate during the initial months of 2016.

In a report published by Linkedin last month, shows how Cloud Computing was the hottest in-demand skill in countries like France, India and the United States in 2015. And this trend is expected to continue in 2016 as well. This report also suggests that cloud computing skills have graduated from being a niche stream to mainstream as the most in-demand skill set across the globe.

Cloud is one of the most prevailing technologies of our times, is affecting other branches of technology as well. Today cloud computing has become home to data analytics. With huge quantities of data which require a lot of processing juice and storage space, Analytics is a perfect fit for the cloud. Business enterprises have started feeling the possibilities and this is about to accelerate dramatically.

A recent survey published by Informatica suggests that about 15% of the 200 IT decision makers have deployed one or more cloud analytics solutions. The data presented by this survey also suggests that 68% of respondents intend to investigate, analyze and action plan to deploy cloud analytics solutions in the next year. Besides this 68 %, another 74% of the participants in this survey said that they expect to adopt a cloud-only approach to analytics over the next three years.

cloud computing with AWS Training

Just as the cloud has become synonymous with computing, similarly, cloud-based analytics will become the way things are done. Veterans from the analytics industry are of the thought that private and public clouds have become a part of the IT enterprise.

Businesses are witnessing increased enterprise activity in the movement of data and analytics capabilities to cloud. This is being done to increase the returns on investments, flexibility and the pace of innovation.

Cloud Analytics has been cited as a, “faster route to insight-driven decision making and business outcomes”, by Vince Dell’Anno – managing director at Accenture Analytics.

In the survey done by International Data Group (IDG), the participating executives cited cloud analytics as more beneficial than on-premise analytics offerings. The respondents working with cloud analytics solutions favor it for various reasons like lower upfront cost, greater agility and faster time to market, more rapid and cost-effective scaling for larger data sets and self-service capabilities for non-technical users. There were certain use cases which were more commonly cited against others.

These included incorporating analytics into operational applications. 41% of the respondents cited the utility in customer relationship management, supply chain management, and human resources. 40% rooted for faster speed value, 39% for analyzing cloud data sources, 39% on hybrid data warehousing and another 39% for integrating data from cloud sources into on-premise data warehouses.

Some of the obstacles to cloud analytics were also revealed in this survey by IDG. It wasn’t a shocker to see data security at the top of this list as opinionated by 48% of the survey-takers. 33% of the respondents listed another challenge in form of resistance to changing the corporate mindset. It was also observed that the effective deployment of cloud analytics could be hindered due to the massive amounts of data that needs to be dealt with.

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