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Make Smarter Decisions with Einstein Discovery in Tableau

May 19, 2021 | Machine Learning
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Recently, Tableau 2021.1 was released to help people make smarter business decisions, upgraded with Salesforce’s AI & ML capabilities. Tableau 2021.1 introduces users to innovative AI-Powered analytics i.e., Tableau Business Science which includes powerful data science techniques designed to enable faster, more effective decision-making solutions.

In its latest upgrade, Tableau will deliver Einstein Discovery, to empower organizations to explore trends, patterns, and correlations in their existing data by making use of auto-generated machine learning models. Einstein Discovery will not only help the organizations understand the historical data, but will also enable them to make powerful predictions. You can leverage the robust technology of Einstein Discovery in 3 ways –

  • Einstein (Tableau Calcs) – Einstein Discovery now has Tableau’s calculation engine integration. The new Einstein Discovery connection type has made creating calculated fields as easy as using the prediction capabilities. It enables users to simply drag & drop the predictive calculations onto the viz to learn about future predictions.
  • Dashboard extension – Einstein Discovery’s augmented Tableau dashboard has Tableau vizzes that involve predictions, explanations, and recommendations to enhance the outcomes. With this viz, you can get a glance at the potential future and can follow the suggested course of action.
  • Prep Builder – You can improve your data set in bulk by adding a prediction step in your prep flow.

These integrations do not require any coding at all and can help you understand what happened with the organization’s historical data. Based on this, you’ll be able to grasp what might happen in the future and what actions can you take.

Einstein Discovery – AI-powered Analytics

Einstein Discovery is Salesforce’s business-first Machine Learning platform that learns patterns, trends from the historical data and enables users to use the same to predict future outcomes. Analysts that have the domain knowledge of their business can build & deploy these predictive models without using any code.

You start with loading your data into Einstein Discovery, defining the business metrics i.e., what you want to maximize or minimize. For instance, sales, profits, client’s waiting period, etc. After this, Einstein Discovery hands you the patterns, along with a predictive model that you can evaluate to improve the performance.

The analytics provided by Einstein Discovery can be easily interpreted and allows users to deploy the predictive model on new data as well if it is perfectly inclined with the business context. This deployment partly includes automatic generation of analytics extension calculations that can be used by users to copy into Tableau.

Adding predictions into calculated fields

With this upgrade, users can now make table calculations to directly add Einstein Machine Learning predictions into Tableau visualization. The analytics extension enables users to create calculated fields in Tableau that pass data through a viz to Einstein Discovery, which then provides dynamic results.

You get to share the created visualizations in workbooks or even publish them to Tableau Server. This further allows teams to make better use of the Tableau dashboard as tools & streamline their predictions with the ongoing analytics workflows. Teams that build predictions get to have a fast, maintainable, and scalable way to build front-end visuals for their models. These models can then be seen by other business users. The latest data can be seen every time a user views the viz. This data can be filtered as per specifications and users can test multiple scenarios with the model.

Creating dashboards with the Einstein Discovery dashboard extension

Once the model is built in Einstein Discovery, it can be brought into the workflow within the dashboards. This will give users access to on-demand, interpretable Machine Learning (ML) predictions. The dashboard extension can be accessed in the latest in-product extension gallery where you can drag & drop it onto the dashboard. And when it’s prompted, you can log into Salesforce.

Afterward, choose one of the deployed Einstein Discovery predictions & then connect the model directly to a data table, or set of parameters where what-if scenarios are performed. To get dynamic predictions, you can click on a single or multiple rows of data from a Tableau visualization and use them to improve the outcomes based on the model.

Tableau Prep Builder

With the latest release, you will be able to directly write ML predictions into the data sets. With this integration, you can store bulk data. Tableau Prep integration with Einstein Discovery predictions presents users with ML-powered predictions & suggestions right where cleaning & shaping of data sources is done. With Einstein Discovery in Tableau Prep, dashboard authors can avoid repetitive tasks.

Improve your decision-making with Tableau 2021.1

Einstein Discovery in Tableau 2021.1 is a powerful technology that provides dynamic predictions and suggestions and helps enhance the organization’s decision-making. You get to create intuitive predictive models, build table calculations, receive relevant predictions, insights as well as transparent explanations regarding historical data. These AI capabilities can help bring thoughtful improvement into organizations.

Bring purposeful improvement into the company with Tableau certification

Since data has become the most vital asset of organizations worldwide, the need of an hour is to make effective use of it. This is where Tableau can help. Tableau is the most popular app for analyzing this huge amount of data & extracting relevant information from it. With Tableau, you can create beautiful data visualizations from complex sets of data. Its user-friendly nature makes it the first choice of small & large enterprises.

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  • Data Organization and Scripting
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  • The World is Your Visualization
  • Statistical Analysis with Tableau & R
  • Sharing Insights with Enterprise Dashboards
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