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Natural Language Processing: an important part of Data Science

January 16, 2017 | Data Science, Technology

Every two years the data is getting doubled and this time frame is getting shorter, by 2020 the data will get doubled every year. Imagine the ridiculous amount of data that is being generated every second. What is important to note is that the majority of the data that is being generated is not structured. Only about 21% data is structured data, and the majority of the data is in text form. The tweets, the Facebook posts, the articles, and the blogs everything is in textual form.

NLP of Natural Language Processing is a branch of data science that deals with the analyzing and extracting meaningful insights from the text data. Variety of problems can be solved by utilizing NLP. Speech recognition, sentiments analysis, automated summary and many more can be achieved using NLP and its component.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP both will shape the future of technology. NLP is not something which has just been introduced. Both Siri and Google now are based on NLP (i.e. speech recognition) but more and more companies are now getting in the race of utilizing the power of NLP to make their businesses better.
Data Science

Data science, as a whole, has started defining business strategies around the world. CXOs are taking the decision based on the insights provided by data science and in the future, it is only going to get intense. The future belongs to NLP and in more general sense Data Science.

The best decision of anyone interested in data is to get mastery over it concepts because the demand for individuals expert in Data Science or in NLP, in particular, is going to shoot up. The best investment today would be to invest in themselves and getting trained on the technologies for the future such as Data Science.

Cognixia, an award-winning training organization, offers a very detailed and comprehensive course on Data Science. Veterans and industry experts, who were involved with data science since the term was coined, share their knowledge with the students. The certificate provided by Cognixia is recognized by top companies around the world.

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