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The Developers’ Guide to Survival Skills

October 18, 2018 | DevOps, General

The Developers’ Guide to Survival Skills

Are you a developer? Have you grown comfortable where you are and with what you are doing? If you answered yes to both these questions, your fortune cookie is about to tell you that you might face trouble ahead.

Business opportunities in today’s times are driven by technological innovations more than anything else. Developers who are enjoying their comfort zone, as they work away in the conventional software development lifecycle environment would face a struggle for existence, as it organizations call for more and more innovation and creativity in their approaches.

As organizations move towards being more agile in their approaches, as well as in their software development processes, only the fittest of the developers will survive. In order to survive, developers would need a set of survival skills. And these survival skills are nothing but an eagerness and willingness to sharpen the existing capabilities while also acquiring new capabilities. The bucket of new skills developers need could be anything like negotiation skills, cross-team collaboration skills, or something much more high level like the DevOps culture.

Earlier, software delivery had a defined path – define the task at hand, figure out the solution, design it, get an approval for the business case for it, and then begin constructing. But it is no more the case. In current times, there are no distinct lines between the work of a technologist like a developer or UI designer or architect or even a scrum master, and that of a business manager. In this scenario, a developer ceases to be a person who takes instructions and then keeps coding. If a developer wishes to survive the fast paced world of technological innovations, they need to understand how they fit into the bigger picture, what impact the work they do has, etc. It can be even said that a developer’s role is moving closer to that of a software engineer.

One of the most happening innovations for developers today, is the introduction of the DevOps culture and practices. DevOps has worked effectively to bring together the otherwise isolated functions of Development and Operations, thereby ensuring a continuous software delivery, decreased complexity in processes, quicker troubleshooting, reduced timelines and of course, happier, more productive teams.

The 2018 ‘State of DevOps Report’ by Puppet reports that high performing DevOps organizations see 200 times more frequent deploys, 24 times faster recovery times and 3 times lower change failure rates.

Learning DevOps could become a valuable survival skill for any developer. When a developer proactively gets trained in DevOps, they become model developers who stand out in their team for their business focus and dedication to the job, while also being emulated by others. Organizations these days also work actively to train their workforce in the latest technologies and practices to make the most of the innovations happening in the technology space.

All the enterprise CIOs and IT leaders who are planning to take this plunge into a DevOps culture to build teams that are more agile, should do so right away, now is indeed the right time. DevOps can solve your problems in ways you can’t even begin to imagine, and you can know more about it here.

If you still haven’t caught up with the DevOps wave, you needn’t panic. No one has become the master of the universe yet. Be more hands-on in your approach, be more involved with what you do, and more importantly, connect with your colleagues and counterparts to know the different pieces of the business, while trying to understand where you fit in.

If you wish to learn everything you need to know to specialize in DevOps, Cognixia, an e-learning and digital transformation incubator offers training and certification in DevOps; delivered by industry evangelists who have been in the field for a very long time and are keen to teach their craft. The curriculum is updated regularly to include all the latest developments in the field, and the certificate you receive at the end of the training is recognized globally. Till date, Cognixia has trained over 100,000 professionals across 37 countries. So, let’s learn with Cognixia!

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