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Top 10 programming languages Developers must know in 2021

April 6, 2021 | Development, Technology
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With the rapid development in technology, the world is getting smarter and more advanced. With the fourth industrial revolution in full swing, everything is getting digitally advanced powered by technologies like AR/VR, machine learning, data science, etc. New technologies are surpassing the old ones. But what’s really at the heart of all of it? Programming languages!

With the pace that the IT industry is going, it is predicted that programming jobs will see around 21% growth in the following decade. That means this is the best time to learn a programming language and better your skills. But wait, aren’t there like a hundred options of programming languages available?

“Which programming language to learn”, is probably the most frequently asked question. Confused? Well, we have got you covered.


Top 10 programming languages of 2021


1. Python

This is the one language that every programmer or learner should be comfortable using. Python was marked #1 in the December 2020 programming languages index and is the fastest-growing language. Python’s versatility is what makes it stand out and the most preferred language in many areas – machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and many other data science areas.

– Popular Frameworks – Django, Pyramid, Flask


2. JavaScript

JavaScript is the standard commonly used programming language on the web. It can be used for both the front-end as well as back-end sides of web development. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript also allows developers to add more dynamic functionalities to the websites, with its feature-rich scripting.

– Popular Frameworks – Node.js, React.js, Angular, Vue, Meteor


3. Java

This is one of the oldest and the most commonly used programming languages. Java’s independence and its “write once, work anywhere” feature are what make it a very popular and highly preferred programming language among users. Other great features of Java are its better performance with strong memory management, backward compatibility, and top-tier security.

– Popular Frameworks – Spring, Hibernate, & Strut


4. C / C++

It is considered the fastest programming language with high-level functionality. Due to its reliability, performance, and a great set of libraries, it is used in game development, mobile apps, scripting, and low-level systems like operating systems, etc.

– Popular Frameworks – MFC, .Net, KDE, Qt, GNOME


5. Golang

Golang was developed by Google and is a relatively new language. Golang makes it easy for programmers to create simple and secure software. It supports multithreading, further allowing processes to run concurrently. This is the major reason why Golang was used for developing projects such as Blockchain, Kubernetes, etc.

– Popular Frameworks – Revel & Beego


6. C#

Developed by an industry giant – Microsoft, the language is mostly used for developing game engines i.e., 2D & 3D video games. The language has a rich set of libraries which makes compilation and execution extremely fast.

– Popular Frameworks – .NET & Xamarin


7. SQL

SQL i.e., Structured Query Language is used for database interactions. It analyses and understands fields of databases with the tables. Most of the fortunate 500 companies have built their database systems using SQL!

– Popular Frameworks – SQL


8. R

R is commonly referred to as the “lingua franca of statistics”. It is used for creating interactive web applications. It is an open-source language with a large community and cross-platform compatibility. On GitHub, R has over 6 million repositories.

– Popular Studio – R Studio


9. Dart

Dart is considered an easy-to-learn programming language. It is an open-source language, developed by Google for both server-side and browser-side programming. It allows code sharing among mobile apps on multiple platforms. Programmers can even write a single code for both android & iOS.

– Popular Frameworks – Flutter


10. PHP

PHP is a platform-independent language mostly used for creating data-heavy, dynamic apps and websites. It is simple & fast and has over 6 million repositories on GitHub.

– Popular Frameworks – CakePHP, Symfony, Laravel, Phalcon


Transform your career by upskilling

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Our Online DevOps certification course covers the following:

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  • Different software development methodologies & their significance
  • Introduction to virtualization, types of server virtualization & virtualization products
  • Installing & Configuring Vagrant
  • Version-control systems along with the installation of GIT on Windows & Linux
  • Dockers & Containerization
  • Configuration management with Chef, SaltStack, Puppet, & Ansible
  • Monitoring with Nagios application
  • Continuous integration using Jenkins
  • Container clustering with Docker swarm & Kubernetes
  • CI/CD pipeline automation

On completion of this Online DevOps training program, learners are required to appear for an assessment that would evaluate the skills learned and knowledge gained during the DevOps course. After clearing this assessment, learners would be awarded a DevOps certification by Cognixia.

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