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Understanding Hadoop – A Technology to a Career Path

May 30, 2016 | Big Data, Blog, Technology

Have you seen that adorable yellow elephant which often pops up in your window? That is the symbol of technology called Hadoop. Hadoop is a java based programming framework which has been developed to process big data. With a surge in the creation of data, Hadoop is in great demand in the technology market. This is one skill which is so much in demand that it is compelling the organizations to pay as high as they can to meet the Hadoop professionals’ expectations.

Basics of Big Data Hadoop

By observing the structure of this framework, one can easily understand that it is divided between HDFS and MapR. These are like the two hands of the Hadoop framework – HDFS or the Hadoop Distributed File System and MapR or MapReduce.  While MapR acts as the storage hand, HDFS acts as the processing hand of this framework. Through this skeletal system, the overall data is divided into small blocks and then circulated in assemblage through nodes. The JAR is sent to the nodes where the data needs to be worked on. At this point, the respective nodes work faster in transferring the data residing near them.

Four Programs of Study in Big Data Hadoop

  • Hadoop Common – This acts as the information centre containing the collections of Hadoop libraries.
  • HDFS – Hadoop Distributed Filing System stores the high band of frequencies.
  • Hadoop YARN – YARN is used to organize that line up the users’ function in a collection.
  • Hadoop MapReduce – MapR is used in processing all sets of data.

Advantages of Hadoop

Big Data Hadoop Developer

Hadoop framework’s nature is such that it can store and circulate big data files minimizing error probability. Thus, it is considered highly scalable.

  • One of the foremost advantages is that Hadoop is cost-effective in comparison to other traditional databases when it comes to storing and performing computations on data.
  • Hadoop comfortably accesses different kinds of business solution data and has proved its prowess in decision making.
  • It also acts as an enabler for social media, emailing, log processing, data warehousing and error detection.
  • By mapping the data wherever it is placed, Hadoop minimizes the time taken in unfolding any data. It can work on large petabytes of data in an hour’s time which makes it super-fast.

The above-mentioned reasons are compelling organizations to use Hadoop for gaining better insights. In the process of the node to node data block transfer in the assemblage of the network, each data block is copied to each node. This means that even if in a distress scenario the data is lost, we will always have a backup copy. This results in a very low fault occurrence.

Big Data Hadoop as Your Ultimate Career

Big Data Hadoop Developer

As a result of ever-growing data, organizations are continuously looking out for Big Data and Hadoop professionals. This has created a huge demand and supply gap as the skilled manpower available in the market is not enough to satiate its hunger. This also includes professionals from the backgrounds of data mining, content analysis, social network analysis etc. Hadoop professionals are data experts who have an excellent understanding of this technology with best certifications, thus giving the businesses ultimate experience in form of huge results.

As a skill, Hadoop has an international demand. This gives you an opportunity to work within the country as well as in other geographies across the globe. Besides being an international skill, Hadoop is also one of the highest paying skills and the professionals working in this arena make big bucks. Every IT company is on the hunt for the professionals who have an unmatched understanding of Hadoop. Hence, it is wise for an IT worker to keep track of Hadoop by doing an efficient training.

In today’s day and age, data science and analytics are flourishing and are being used extensively in functions like SEO, SMO to raise the business culture of the companies. This is the reason why conceivable and huge requirements of Big Data and Hadoop are increasing in the IT industry at great speed. This shows that Big Data and Hadoop technology is here to stay. IT professionals should understand that this is one skill that they will have to acquire sooner or later in order to pursue a bright career in the future. Doing a Hadoop training will be a wise decision for professionals as well as youngsters who aspire to shine in the industry.

Organizations Employing Big Data Hadoop

Companies like Yahoo, Hortonworks, Amazon, Dell, Cloudera, TCS, Cisco, Oracle, Google, Linkedin, HP etc. are consistently in need of Hadoop professionals. These IT giants are always seeking skilled Hadoop professionals to work with them. This is the right time to polish your skills and get market-ready.

Cognixia has the finest training programs in Hadoop Development and Hadoop Administration. With industry standard course content and veteran trainers, we make sure that the training delivered is best in every aspect. If you wish to make a career in Big Data or Data Analytics, then this is the time to get trained on Hadoop technology and plunge into an infinite pool of opportunities. For further information, you can write to us

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