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User Interface Design (UI) vs. User Experience Design (UX)

December 2, 2016 | Technology, UI & UX

In such a competitive world (there is competition in every sector), one thing that can set you apart from the competition is how you make your customers feel about your brand, app, website or anything at all. Customer experience and customer interface have become so important that a product’s success or failure is dependent on these two factors.

Because customers have so many options and so less time, it is imperative for companies to get the User interface design (UI) and user experience right the first time. This is one of the reasons companies are putting more emphasis on the feel and the usability (ease of using) of the product. Your product, app or website could be the best in terms of the features it has but if it does not have the right feel to it, it will face a lot of challenges in being successful.

UI vs UX

User Interface Design (UI)

UI design is all about the product’s graphics and visual presentation. It is a process that can be described as helping the user through the interface. User interface design basically decides how easy it is to use the product, especially for any digital interface.

The difference between web designer and User Interface designer is diminishing, web designers are User Interface designers who can code. Customers are demanding for interactive interfaces and as said earlier, the success of any product is dependent heavily on UI design. UI design is all about the look and feel of the product.

User Experience Design (UX)

Though UI design and User experience (UX) design are very closely related, UX design is more about the research on what is it that customers are looking for in a product, what is being offered by the competitors and what can be improved in terms of the overall experience of the product. UX design does not necessarily require one to be a coder.

However, a UX designer is involved in every phase of the product development lifecycle or software development lifecycle, testing the product at every stage. Because of the huge demand of UX and UI designer, this field has emerged as a field with immense opportunities and anyone interested in this creative field can learn to be an excellent UI / UX designer/developer.

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