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Why it is important to have your team PMP certified?

April 1, 2021 | PMP
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With the level of competition in the market, every company wants to gain a competitive edge and do better than the others. To do so, there is a continuous process of recruiting, reskilling, upskilling to be able to adopt new strategies. One of the most integral aspects that can make or break a company is their projects and how they handle them or in other words, how they carry about the project management. No matter what industry your company belongs to, project management remains the critical component.

Have you ever noticed the success rate of the companies that have PMP-certified managers? They perform much better than their competitors because of their capabilities of handling high-performing projects efficiently.

Smart and skilled employees are the reason for any organization’s growth and success. Therefore, leaders need to have PMP-certified professionals in their team.


How having PMP certified individuals in the team will benefit the organization –


  • Great value addition

    Managers with a PMP certification add greater value to the company. They give an assurance of quality in their work and employers can have confidence that their projects are in expert hands. Certified project managers have better insights owing to their sharper skills which helps improve the overall efficiency and working of the team. This leads to better outcomes.

  • More successful project deliveries

    The major reason projects fail is poor execution and resource management, thereby messing up one of the three pillars – time, scale, or scope. But a trained PMP can handle end-to-end processes in the project effectively & efficiently. They can manage projects with tactfulness and reduce potential mistakes to help the team deliver more successful projects.

  • Enhanced work environment & culture

    Managers who have had PMP training and can not only lead big project teams but also mentor the juniors in the team well. Team members working with a certified Project Manager will get to learn many important things while working on the project. Good project managers not only lead from the front, but also by example. This propagates a positive work culture and a supportive environment.

  • Stay ahead of the curve

    PMP employees are in high demand at the moment but finding a good certified project manager is not easy. PMP-certified personnel is an asset for the organization owing to their experience and knowledge using which they can bring about more positive outputs and eliminate project failures.

  • Better customer satisfaction

    The more successful projects are delivered, the higher the success rate of the organization and better the customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is integral to an organization’s success. PMP-trained employees can enhance the company’s management discipline and workflows, delivering better quality work and more successful projects from the team.

  • New techniques & strategies

    By hiring a certified project manager, you can bring in new insights, a fresh perspective as well as new ideas to the organization. Project management requires constantly embracing new tactics for projects to succeed in the market. A PMP certified project manager boosts the company’s growth rate with focused motivation and goal-oriented techniques. Their wide knowledgebase can help organizations gain various new projects, boosting their success rate.

Thus, PMP training and certification not only helps the learners build a great career but is becoming increasingly essential for teams looking to step up & be more successful. PMP certified managers are an asset to the businesses as they handle business projects in a structured manner, with a value-driven and result-oriented approach.

Many major business leaders in the market are demanding PMP skills from their business partners as well as vendors. Therefore, if organizations want to be ahead in the race, they cannot skip PMP certification for their team members.


Learn PMP – Where to Get PMP Training?

Cognixia – the world’s leading digital talent transformation company – offers learners the official PMP-PMI Certification Training. We provide an extensive live online instructor-led PMP training program for individuals as well as the corporate workforce that consists of multiple project management training modules. This PMP training course will cover a wide range of topics – taking you through various aspects of project management & operations management.

The training can be customized to every client’s requirements keeping in mind the audience, the industry, etc.

In general, the course covers:

  • What is project management is?
  • What are the basic characteristics of project management?
  • How does strategic management work in the project management office?
  • The Project Management Lifecycle
  • Best practices in project management
  • The PMP certification exam – tips and tricks
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