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Edge computing technology is an undeniable reality, says a Gartner expert.

The advent of internet of things, cloud computing, machine learning and embedded technologies have disrupted the conventional computing models. Computing has taken many shapes from edge to cloud. This training program has been designed with an objective to provide a comprehensive understanding of relevant technologies and various emerging computing paradigms.

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In order to pursue this course, all you need are basic computer skills and a general understanding of the concepts and fundamentals of IoT technology.


  • Internet of things as an interdisciplinary domain
  • IoT as a data centric technology
  • Data, information, knowledge and wisdom (DIKW) relationship
  • Analytics as a knowledge extraction technique
  • Role of Statistical analysis, Machine learning, Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence in the emergence of Internet of things
  • IoT Semantics and Streaming data analysis
  • IoT End point architecture
  • Design and development of IoT end points
  • Fundamentals of data communication
  • Network architecture and reference models (OSI – TCP/IP)
  • Communication technologies standards – Wired & Wireless data link layer standards (Bluetooth/WiFi/Zigbee/802.15.4/LoRa/Sigfox)
  • Application layer protocols – HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, AMQP
Roles of Gateway in IoT networks– Field Gateway, Vendors and commercial solutions
  • Building M2M and WSN network (HTTP/MQTT) – Topologies and applications
  • Building context and location aware IoT solutions leveraging edge analytics
  • Python advance libraries for IoT data analysis – Pandas, Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib, Scikit Learn
  • Learning IoT application development using python – Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive
  • AWS cloud and AWS IoT services stack
  • End to End solutions development on AWS IoT platform leveraging AWS IoT services
  • Azure and Azure IoT suit
  • Device integration, stream analytics and Power BI tools of Azure
  • Analytics use cases:  Smart building, smart cities, wearable, smart retail and smart workspaces
  • Leveraging cloud hosted application to build monitoring and control solutions integrated with field devices
  • Integration of user devices with cloud hosted applications/services to enable users to interact with gateways and end points

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Internet of Things has a huge scope of growth for IT professionals, electrical and electronics engineers, designers and solution architects. It is a blessing for existing and budding entrepreneurs who are interested in building smart solutions for their customers. Professionals working in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, real estate, sales, finance, designing, manufacturing, electrical equipment, retail, healthcare, etc. can also benefit from learning about IoT solutions. Fresh graduates and newcomers can also start their career on the right foot with an Internet of Things certification.
As part of this course, each participant is provided with a special IoT kit. The kit includes all the necessary parts and components to learn and perform practical exercises taught during as part of the course. This kit is shipped to the address you provide, and will reach you before the course starts. The kit contains: Raspberry Pi 3, Arduino Mega (ATMega2560) with USB cable, Memory Card, HDMI – VGA Converter, 2A Power Adapter, Sensors – Analog temperature sensor (LM35), IR Proximity Sensor, Breadboard, LEDs, Resistors, Connecting leads, WiFi – ESP01, Bluetooth – HC05, NodeMCU
You’ll have lifetime access to our Learning Management System (LMS), including class recordings, presentations, sample code, and projects. You’ll also be able to view recordings of each session. We also have our technical support team ready to assist you with any questions you may have.