Internet of Things (IoT) with Amazon Web Services (AWS)


The course aims to bring together today’s most fascinating technology Internet of Things and well-devised, scalable, fully-managed cloud computing platform AWS (Amazon Web Services). Moreover, the course includes advanced embedded systems, communication protocols, networking, and security and analytics topics to provide a 360° understanding of IoT solution development. The course will be taught with a holistic approach with a set of hands-on exercises to provide experiential learning to participants.

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What You'll learn

  • Overview
  • AWS Stack Overview
  • AWS IoT Stack
  • Use Case


  • IoT Concepts
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  • IoT Cloud Architecture
  • IoT Protocol Standard Framework and Stack
  • IoT Application Layer Protocols, API and Libraries: MQTT and HTTP
  • AWS Account Creation
  • Elastic compute cloud (EC2)
  • Elastic block storage (EBS)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • AWS Lambda
  • Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Amazon Dynamo DB
  • Amazon machine learning service
  • Amazon ElastiCache for Redis
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • IoT device SDK
  • Device registry
  • Device management
  • Certificates and policies
  • IoT Gateway (Message Broker)
  • Device shadow
  • Rules engine and Rule actions
  • Amazon Greengrass core
  • IoT Analytics service (Preview)
  • Integration with AWS service stack
  • Collect process and visualize device data using AWS IoT stack
  • Preventive maintenance of industrial assets


Basic knowledge of Internet of Things concepts and technologies.

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Course features

Course Duration
Course Duration

16 hours of live, online, instructor-led training

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24x7 Support

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Lifetime LMS Access

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Price match Gurantee

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The Internet of Things has a wide horizon for IT professionals, electrical and electronics engineers, designers, and solution architects. It also has significant value for existing and budding entrepreneurs interested in building effective solutions for their customers. Professionals working in other industries like pharmaceuticals, real estate, sales, finance, design, manufacturing, electrical, retail, and healthcare can also benefit from IoT solutions. Graduates and newcomers can also kickstart their career with a solid working background with IoT.

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