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The Maven training teaches participants how to automate the build of Java projects using the Maven tool.

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What you'll learn

Upon completion of the Maven training course, the participants would be able to:
  • Download and install Maven
  • Build a project
  • Work with Maven’s directory structure, plug-in, repositories, and more
  • Understand the Project Object Model (POM)
  • Build a complete web application using Maveen
Duration: 16 Hours


Core Java and Java Web programming experience are mandatory


  • Maven Origins
  • What does Maven provide?
  • Mavens Principles
  • Declarative Execution
  • Maven’s project object model (POM)
  • Maven’s build life cycle
  • Local Maven repository
  • Central Maven repository
  • Remote Maven Repository
  • Locating dependency artifacts
  • Maven’s Benefits
  • System Requirement
  • Java installation verification
  • Set JAVA environment
  • Download Maven Archive
  • Extract Maven Archive and Configure Maven Environment Variables
  • Add Maven bin directory location to system path and verify Maven installation
Create Java Project
Build and Test Java Project
External Dependencies
Maven 2 Eclipse Plug-in
Create web application using maven

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