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Microsoft PowerBI is a tool used to analyze data and obtain business insights by building interactive dashboards. This course helps you get the most out of Power BI, empowering you to solve business problems and improve operations by discussing data visualization, how to build dashboards and make the most from the data obtained.

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What you'll learn

The Power BI training course aims to help you master the Microsoft Power BI tool. It helps you to learn Power BI architecture, Power BI Desktops, Power BI Services, its Mobile Apps, Visualizations, Reports, Deriving business insights enabling you to work on real world projects smoothly. Duration: 24 Hours


  • Get the Power BI Tool
  • A brief into the Tools and Terminologies
  • Dashboards
  • Refreshing Power BI Service Data
  • Interacting with Dashboard
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • A brief into Power BI Desktop
  • Getting Data: Excel vs. Power BI Desktop & Service
  • Data Structure
  • Direct Query vs Import Data
  • A brief into Modeling
  • Setting and Managing Relationships
  • Cardinality and Cross Filtering
  • Default Summarization & Sort
  • Creating Calculated Columns
  • Creating Measures & Quick Measures
  • Creating Visualizations
  • Color Formatting
  • Sort Order
  • Scatter, Bubble Charts & Play Axis
  • Tooltips
  • Slicers, Timeline Slicers & Sync Slicers
  • Cross Filtering and Highlighting
  • Visual, Page and Report Level Filters
  • Drill Down/Up
  • Different Hierarchies
  • Reference/Constant Lines
  • Tables, Matrices & Conditional Formatting
  • KPI’s, Cards & Gauges
  • Map Visualizations
  • Custom Visuals
  • Managing and Arranging visualization
  • Custom Report Themes
  • Grouping and Binning
  • Selection Pane, Bookmarks & Buttons
  • A brief
  • Standalone Tiles
  • Data Driven Alerts
  • Quick and Related Insights
  • A brief
  • Sharing Options
  • Publish from Power BI Desktop
  • Publish to Web
  • Share Dashboard with Power BI Service
  • Workspaces and Apps (Power BI Pro Only)
  • Content Packs (Power BI Pro Only )
  • Print and Save as PDF
  • Row Level Security (Power BI Pro Only)
  • Export Data from a Visualization
  • Publishing for Mobile Apps
  • Exporting to PowerPoint
  • Sharing Options Summary
  • Understanding Data Refresh
  • Personal Gateway (Power BI Pro and 64-bit Windows Only)
  • Replacing Datasets
  • Troubleshooting & Refreshing
  • Publishing from Excel
  • Pin Excel Elements to Power BI
  • Connect to Data using Power BI Publisher/Analyze in Excel
  • Excel 2016 Publish: Upload and Export to Power BI
  • Sharing Published Excel Dashboards

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