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Generative AI is taking the world by storm but to make the most of this cutting-edge technology, you need to provide the right inputs to get the right outputs. This requires one to master the art of writing effective prompts to get the best possible outputs from Generative AI tools. Cognixia’s Prompt Engineer certification course is designed for business leaders of today and tomorrow, to help them understand how Generative AI functions and how they can write the best prompts to get the perfect results. This prompt engineering training will focus on helping learners think analytically to write effective outcome-oriented prompts. It will also discuss how to use Generative AI to accomplish regular business tasks & share insightful techniques and approaches.

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What you'll learn

This course will help you learn:
  • Fundamentals of Generative AI
  • Generative AI and Search Engines
  • Responsible Generative AI – Ethics and Pitfalls
  • How to use Generative AI for business tasks
  • The Digital DNA Mindset – business methodology & collaboration
  • Prompting techniques, approaches, and methodology


For this course, learners need:
  • Basic business acumen
  • Good communication skills
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Familiarity with design thinking
  • Experience with leadership and management
  • Interest in innovation and creativity


  • What is Generative AI?
  • The capabilities
  • Why learn how to use Generative AI effectively?
  • Different popular platforms
  • Important terms and definitions
  • Use cases now and near future
  • When to use Generative AI over Search Engines
  • Using Search Engines over Generative AI
  • Effective Search Engine use and advanced tools
  • Industry and competition research
  • Built-in browser models
  • Blended approach
  • Generative AI – Ethics and Best Practices
  • Ensuring ethical and responsible use of Generative AI in your projects
  • Understanding the ethical implications of Prompt Engineering
  • Fact-checking and false information
  • Verifying sources
  • Reviewing real use-cases
  • What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?
  • Introduction to Language Models
  • How Generative AI leverages NLP for text generation
  • Using ChatGPT (Or Google Bard per request)
  • Digital DNA methodology to create habits
  • Why critical thinking is highly sought after
  • Confirming ability to critically think through exercises
  • Best practices to build foundations
  • Expanding results and existing knowledge
  • Brainstorming techniques
  • Effective brainstorming with Generative AI
  • Identifying hallucinations and false information
  • Confirmation of solutions
  • Generative AI as a Collaborator
  • Enhancing the problem-solving abilities
  • Leveraging Generative AI with L&D
  • Idea generation
  • Concise prompt communication
  • Maintenance of Digital DNA methodology
  • Effective, clear, and specific prompting
  • Popular Prompt Engineering techniques
  • Providing direction and time for Generative AI platforms to “think”
  • Understanding and inferring sentiment and tones in generated texts
  • Accessing and interacting with the GPT API using ChatGPT
  • Overcoming hallucinations
  • Summarization and expanding
  • Transforming for text tasks
  • Mastering iterative prompt development
  • Collecting and cleaning data for training Generative AI
  • Preparing data or Generative AI training
  • Best practices for prompt formatting
  • Best prompting techniques – Being specific in your questions to Generative AI
  • Prompt conditionals and logic
  • Prompt delimiters
  • Fine-tuning Generative AI for specific tasks
  • Documentation, effective setup, and organization of prompts
  • Generative AI and presentation and creation
  • Generative AI with Microsoft Excel
  • Formatting emails, responses, and proposals

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Generative AI is a subset of AI that focuses on understanding patterns and structure in data and then using that to create more data like it.
Yes, absolutely! The Prompt Engineering online course for Business Leaders is a virtual, instructor-led program so you can enroll and learn from anywhere.
This course is designed to be highly hands-on for all learners. Roughly 70% of this course would be hands-on practical training while 30% would be theoretical studies.
Yes! Every module will be pre- and post-assessed during the prompt engineering training & certification course.