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Cognixia’s Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere (AA) certification is aimed at raising a digital workforce that improves the processes and operations by implementing automation to provide easy, scalable, and effective business solutions. Our training takes a hands-on approach with use-cases simulating real-life scenarios. RPA leverages data and cognitive human behavior to make the tasks of an organization effective and efficient. Covering the vast expanse of Automation Anywhere, automation testing, and cognitive automation, Cognixia’s comprehensive course is designed to build automation skills and expertise in the participants.

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What you'll learn

  • Foundational and advanced concepts of Automation Anywhere
  • Creating, scheduling and deploying tasks
  • Task properties and how to secure them
  • Adding triggers to a task
  • Different variables and commands in AA
  • XML concepts
  • Automation tasks of different types
  • Recorders and other services of AA
  • Case studies and lab exercises


  • Understanding the features and benefits
  • Automation Anywhere architecture
  • Verifying Automation Anywhere system requirements
  • Preparing and installing the Automation Anywhere client
  • Getting started with the Automation Anywhere client
  • Creating a task using the Task Editor
  • Adding properties to a Task
  • Task list and setting Task properties
  • Viewing and setting general properties
  • Setting up Hotkeys for a Task
  • Setting security features for a Task
  • Scheduling Tasks to a run
  • Adding Triggers to a Task
  • Deploying Tasks to run remotely
  • Types of variables
  • Variable manager
  • String Operations
  • PGP command
  • Files and folders/loop each file in the folder
  • FTP command
  • IF/LOOP commands
  • XML
  • E-mail automation
  • Send e-mail
  • Excel automations
  • Object cloning
  • Keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • Recording Web actions with Web Recorders
  • Recording an automation task
  • Recording, editing and running tasks
  • Extracting data from websites
  • Extracting regular web data
  • Extracting pattern-based data
  • Extracting table data
  • Standard recorder
  • Object recorder
  • Debugging tasks
  • Using filters in the task editor
  • Services
  • Credential Manager
  • Different commands
  • Anywhere Monitor
  • Privacy and Security
  • Case studies and lab exercises

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