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Internet of Things Workshop – Intermediate (with Hands-on)

Internet of Things Workshop – Intermediate
08 April
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM IST

Learn from industry experts about Internet of Things Workshop – Intermediate (with Hands-on)

This session will cover the following topics:

  • Session 1
    • Topics
      • Introduction to Internet of things, Understanding IoT data, Data attributes/features: relevance and impact analysis, IoT problem definition and use case scenarios
    • Hands-on Sessions/activities
      • Identifying a real-life problem and finding out a viable IoT based solution employing design thinking process
  • Session 2
    • Topics
      • Anatomy of an IoT system, Components, IoT product design, Technology selection: Microcontrollers/SoCs, Sensors, and Communication interfaces, IoT devices/Nodes, IoT assets, Device architecture, Device prototyping, Greenfield and Brownfield development and challenges
    • Hands-on Sessions/activities
      • Building a sensor node using ESP8266 WiFI board for Data Acquisition
  • Session 3
    • Topics
      • Computing paradigms, Deep dive into edge computing fundamentals, understanding low latency analytics and decision making requirements, MQTT protocol and Pub – Sub architecture, Gateway based IoT architecture
    • Hands-on Sessions/activities
      • Building a Pub-Sub architecture based small-scale edge infrstructure allowing IoT devices to exchange control and command data in the form of MQTT messages
  • Session 4
    • Topics
      • Data representation and modeling, Data aggregation and transformation at the edge, Understanding contextulization, Standard data representaton format – JSON, CSV and XML
    • Hands-on Sessions/activities
      • Data modeling – JSON schema and creation of JSON payloads containing IoT data
  • Session 5
    • Topics
      • IoT cloud platforms, Exploring Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT services, Architecting end-to end IoT solution on AWS
    • Hands-on Sessions/activities
      • Device registration, connectivity and sending event notifications
  • Session 6
    • Topics
      • Deep deive into IoT security, Understanding end to end security of an IoT solution: devices, network and cloud, Common attack scenarios, threats and vulnerabilities, vulnerability analysis – attack trees and threat modelling, IoT penetraion testing
    • Hands-on Sessions/activities
      • Security – Device and gateway hardening
      • Attack scenario – WiFI AP spoofing
  • Session 7
    • Concluding discussions

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