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Amazon to Address Security Concerns with Double Force

January 3, 2019 |

Security breaches and cybercriminal activities have surged with the growth of cloud services. Amazon AWS is all set to develop cutting-edge cryptographic and AI-based tools to curb the security threats across its cloud services. Reportedly, they have about 130 open positions for engineers skilled in cryptography to enable building and running these tools.

AWS has a dedicated Automated Reasoning Group (ARG) that leverages automated reasoning, a branch of AI-based on computer science and mathematical logic to make computers reason automatically to identify security issues. Quivela and SideTrail are two new trademarks registered recently by Amazon and both of these are connected to ARG.

Interestingly, automated tools helping human security specialists has captured the interest of other major players in the IT industry as well. Last year, Microsoft acquired Hexadite, an Israeli security firm solving concerns and strengthening security measures carried out by enterprise specialists.

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